15 tips that can help you become a QuickBooks Power User

Power-packed features and unlimited benefits have made QuickBooks the most sought-after accounting software in the market. It is ideal for both small and medium businesses and can help you chart your business finances with ease.

QuickBooks Power User

However, not everyone is a pro at QuickBooks and needs help when working with different features of the software. So whether you want to learn how to accurately record your financial data or quickly file tax forms, these 15 tips will help you become a master at QuickBooks.

Tip 1: Choose your desktop

The default screen of QuickBooks looks like one borrowed from an accounting class. However, you can customize it to suit your needs. To change the QuickBooks desktop screen,

  • Click on Preferences
  • Now click on Desktop View and select the startup screen
  • Click on Save to apply changes.

Tip 2: Modify your icon Bar

The QuickBooks default interface may contain icons that you would never use. So, it’s best to modify the Icon Bar to add icons of your choice. This will make your interface clean and easy to use. To customize the Icon Bar,

  • Right-click on the Icon Bar
  • Click on Customize Icon Bar
  • Now add or remove icons according to your needs.

QuickBooks also gives you the option of creating new icons. For this, click on the Add button to create a new icon and write a label for it.

Tip 3: Speed up your search

Search feature in QuickBooks lets you find items in your company file or program’s help files. By default, the search field appears in the top icon bar. But QuickBooks allows you to customize your search option by clicking on Preferences. You can specify whether you want to find your item in the company file or help file without asking you every time. By clicking on the Company tab, you can also specify how often should the software update your company file indexes.

Tip 4: Use keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can help you save considerable time while working on QuickBooks. Here’s a list of some of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts that can make your day-to-day accounting easier and faster.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + I:  Create an invoice
  • Ctrl + E:  With this, you can modify entries already made in the register
  • Ctrl + F:  Use this to find entries
  • Ctrl + J:   This can help you open up your customer center with QB
  • Ctrl + M:  Used to Memorize entries
  • Ctrl + N:   Create a new invoice, or bills
  • Ctrl + R: Display the window of your registers
  • Ctrl + Q:   Helps you get Quick reports
  • Ctrl + T:   Want to have memorized entries displayed, use this
  • Ctrl + W:  Write a new check

Tip 5: Automate form entry

This is an absolute time saver! If you have recurring transactions every day, QuickBooks makes it easy to schedule them automatically, without manual intervention. To create recurring invoices:

  • Create a Recurring Transaction
  • Select Invoice and click OK
  • Now click on Memorize icon
  • Now from the How Often drop-down menu, choose how soon you want this transaction to reoccur: Daily, weekly, monthly, and so on.
  • Complete the rest of the form and then click OK to save.

Tip 6: Customize your templates

Invoices, purchase orders, and sales receipts are all known as templates. QuickBooks allows you to customize your templates for added convenience. For this,

  • Click on Gear Menu
  • Go to Settings and select the Custom Form Styles tab
  • Click on Edit from the submenu to make changes to the existing Custom Form Styles page
  • Choose the template you want to use, upload your logo, customize the color, and click on Save to apply your changes.

Tip 7: Record favorite reports

Want a report on a regular basis? Save it in your Favorite tab and you can access it anytime, anywhere with a single click. To designate a certain report as a favorite, click on the Heart icon underneath the report in the Report Center. You can also set a Run Favorite Reports command for getting your favorite reports updated automatically, without wasting your time.

Tip 8: Create batch invoices

QuickBooks Batch Invoicing feature creates multiple invoices for a single transaction. All you need to do is to select a list of customers, enter their details along with the fee, and QuickBooks will automatically create invoices for them. To access this feature,

  • Go to Customer’s menu
  • Select ‘Create Batch Invoices
  • Select a list of customers and press ‘Add’
  • Click Next to go to the next screen

Here, QuickBooks will give you the summary of the invoices that you want to create along with the tax information that it has calculated. After checking everything, click ‘Create Invoices’ to complete the process.

Tip 9: Modify a report before you run it

QuickBooks has made tweaking super easy! Simply set the command and QuickBooks will allow you to see a window with all your options before you run your report. For this,

  • Go to Preferences
  • Click on Reports
  • Check off ‘Prompt me to modify reports’

Tip 10: Auto-refresh reports in Microsoft Excel

Do you export your financial reports to Microsoft Excel? Now QuickBooks has made creating spreadsheets easy for you. Simply click on the Excel button on top of your report and you can see all the options available.

Tip 11: Use the QuickBooks Product Info page

Press the F2 key on your Windows computer to access the product information page of QuickBooks. Here you’ll find all the details and statistics, like the release number, license information, and the number of users, in case you run into a problem.

Tip 12: Use QuickBooks calculator

Now there’s no need to make an exit from QuickBooks for your mathematical calculations. Simply place your cursor on any dollar amount field and click on any one of the +, -, *, or / keys, and a tiny calculator window will pop up.

Tip 13: Go paperless

Did you know that QuickBooks gives you the power of doing paperless accounting? With QuickBooks, you can now attach an electronic version of your documents for local or cloud-based storage. To use the tool, simply click on the ‘Attach’ button with the paper clip icon in any document or template.

Tip 14: Enable Remote Access

This cloud-based service allows you to remotely log in to QuickBooks. It gives you the ability to access your files from anywhere, at any time for a flexible work environment.

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