75 Free Ways to Promote Small Business for Free

Marketing plays an important role here in promoting the business to right end users. However, with such tight constraint on the budget, small businesses often find it hard to market themselves. With such an approach marketing and promotion of the business at times take a back seat which in itself hurts the business in long run as it takes double the time to reach the correct line of consumers.

Thus keeping all these restriction in mind, we have researched and brought together a group of tools and techniques that can be utilized by you to promote the business at little to no cost.

promote your small business for free

The list basically includes following tips:

  1. Social Media: “If you are not on Social Media, you are not in the Limelight.” This statement is quite true to great extent as all types of individuals across the globe are networking online. To access different aspects of social media for free you can try different tools available online.
    • Facebook: to have an informal connection with friends, fans and followers.
    • Twitter: to keep your audience up-to-date about the latest happenings related to your business.
  2. Social media Management Tools: A comprehensive solution in form of management tool that also integrate with the Buffer tool easily, is must have for must have to manage different aspects of Social media.
  3. Twitter Tools: ‘Twitter is where the world is’. It is imperative to have your business on twitter so as to make people aware about your business. However, to manage your twitter account, you can employ many tools available online like Followerwonk and Social Rank that accords features like analysis of followers, tracking and sorting, identifying top followers etc. all for free.
  4. Facebook Tools: Facebook is another networking platform wherein you can locate and connect with your prospective clients. By immersing your business in into social conversations you can really get into the nerve of your clients. There are tools like LikeAlyzer and Fanpage Karma which can aid you to manage your facebook profile for free.
  5. Analytic Tools: Track what your competitors are upto by keeping an eye on their social presence without any hassle. Connect with tools like Rival IQ and Buzz Sumo for integrated analytics of your business as well as that of your competitors.
  6. Visual Content Tools: Visual Content like infographics are super easy and interesting way of describing your product and business without requiring use of words. Visuals of products and business will be retained in minds of customer for longer time. There are many tools available online like Canva or Visme that help you create engaging infographics for free.
  7. Pinterest: This is one platform which shares your ideas with that of the world. You can express your business view point and visions freely and make customers aware about the business in creative way. Explore the world with Pinterest here.
  8. Monitoring Tools: Monitoring tools help you to consolidate the complete information of your business spread across various social platforms and provide in-depth report of the same. Make use of platforms like Hootsuite, Mention to track what is being said about your business.
  9. Content Tools: Content tools basically help you manage the content of your business ensuring complete authenticity and accuracy of your content to avoid any kind of penalty. Tools like Content DJ, and Writewell can you help ease up your work by many folds.
  10. Powerful Business Website: To be successful in targeting customers through Social Media you require a very sophisticated and powerful website at hand. This website is the face of your business as the customers first and foremost connect with your business through your site only. If you don’t already have one then don’t worry, making a website is simple. Sites wix.com or wordpress.com helps you create one for free.
  11. Convert your customers online: These are little snippets of codes that helps in giving a whole new functionality to your website. They basically help to automate most of the functions online. With free wordpress plugins like Wp Forms you will be able to create contact forms, subscription forms and even payment forms on your website with just the click of a button.
  12. Populate your Website: Now that your website is ready it’s time to populate the same to various search engines. Creating a website alone is not enough, you would need to get in the eyes of Google and Bing in order to get clients. This can be simply done with the bit of optimization and submitting URL to these search engines. Thus not a big deal.
  13. Branding: No business is without a logo and this is also how the businesses are branded. A business with the logo looks more legit than the one without it. Thus if you don’t already have a logo then you can make one for yourself for free at freelogoservices.com or logocrisp.com.
  14. Networking: Networking by putting the business out their on important popular networking sites is also imperative. Websites like LinkedIn are must for professional spotlight over the business.
  15. Newsletter: Generating newsletters is one sure shot way of keeping your clients engaged with your brand. This also helps in remarketing your clients incase you have any offer to make. If this sounds interesting to you then Wix ShoutOut can be employed to do just that. Don’t worry about the cost, it just takes $4.90 to get you started.
  16. Testimonials: Another point to keep in mind is that testimonials provided by satisfied clients work wonders for business image. Ensure all the client testimonials are showcased on the website whenever possible.
  17. Press Release: One of the most interesting ways to bring business events into the notice of important people and customers is by rolling out Press Releases about these events. Generate a gripping story on true facts and publish it on numerous free PR sites like Prlog.org.
  18. Professional Conference: Keep the talk of your business live and fire burning by presenting your business ideas and vision in related professional conferences. The more you talk about your business with live audience, the more people will talk about you.
  19. Free Consultation Meeting: You should setup consultation meetings with your prospective and interested customers in order to guide them about your business at no charge to garner even more interest.
  20. Elevator Pitch: Grow your business to next level by keeping your elevator pitch to the point and crisp. This pitch can keep your business in mind of your prospective customers for a long time in future.  To learn more about how to do just that, check out this article.
  21. Get Tagging: In your social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc, tag prospective customers and clients to spread the words about the business around the world.
  22. Encourage reviews: If you have a facebook page for your business then ask your current clients to review your business there. If you don’t know how to set up reviews tab for your business then check out the post here. Posts created on facebook has the potential to go viral as it will be seen by everyone connected to your page. This will further encourage other users to share their experience with others. The same holds true for youtube reviews as well. Thus leave no chance to let people talk about you.
  23. Guest Blogging: There are many websites that offer the option of providing guest blogs. Write for relevant theme that are in tandem with your business. This will help you gain more eyeballs. This post from Backlinko will help you learn more about how to do guest blogging the right way.
  24. Generate Contests: Generate contest under which participants have to share your content to win the price. Moreover, you should try to offer your own products as part of gift for winning the contest. Looking for ways, how to do that? Well check out Gleam the prefect way to run competitions.
  25. Signature Email: Keep your email signature somewhere related to your business. Either add a logo or try to put in your business name under your signature. If you are struggling to add your business logo or custom signature within your Gmail then read this article.
  26. Vlog: Educate your customers and audience about your business by posting video blogs on social platforms. All it takes is your iPhone. Shower your expertise in the area by offering error resolutions or tips. Share your expertise freely that will generate loyalty towards customers.
  27. Local Community: Locals of your area can be powerful medium to work with. Establish the brand of your business amongst the local community who will work on popularizing the business through word of mouth.
  28. Keep up with the Trends: Explore and keep your business social profile up with trends being generated in the online world. Trendy hashtags are in and can be utilized to make your business popular online. Twitter is the best place to find trendy hashtags, but here is the full post on how you can find more of them.
  29. Follow-ups: Get in touch with your old clients and enquire about the kind of services they are receiving and whether they are in tandem with the expectations. Also ask them to write up about your business and respective services.
  30. Connect with Vendors and Contractors: Your employees can work in building a brand of your business amongst various other businesses, as they work for numerous ventures at same point.
  31. Presentations/Demonstrations: Free promotion of your business can be done by demonstrating the use of your products out amongst live audience. Though at first this may sound a bit scary but you can garner instant reactions. If you are still wondering how to be presentable then you can learn the skills here.
  32. Merge with Major Businesses: Merging your business with other major businesses ensures that they get to expand their venture into other segments while you get to connect with already created client and loyalty of the business.
  33. Social Challenges: These challenges help to show your product in superior light by comparing them with other peer products. If you are interested then read out the full post here on how to create challenge on Social media.
  34. Online Directories: Get your business listed within online directories that are popular in your country or area and provide accurate description to promote under correct category. This practice can also help you appear in Google organic rankings also known as map packs.
  35. Volunteer Products: Put your business in front of the live audience by volunteering your products and services. Allow your products to be seen by the large crowd live in action.
  36. Community Projects: Be a part of community projects that will get you recognized with the local people of the area. This will help you be in the memorize of others for long time to come.
  37. Discount for Select Group: Offer a particular section of people a certain discount that can be availed for certain time period. You may find plenty of example of businesses offering discounts to first time users. This not only helps increase their revenue by a certain percent but also gain more eyeballs.
  38. Niche Platforms: Facebook is the place to be if you wish to get noticed by everyone, however, there are certain social platforms that are for certain segment of industry. Take for example Gentlemint, they are all about manly content. Thus if have products or service that cater to the needs of Male gender then Gentlemint can be a great platform for you.
  39. Bloggers for your Product: Try to connect with freelance bloggers to write about your business. Bribe them in return for writing and featuring your business.
  40. Make your Site Shareable: Allow sharing of your websites on other platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp, so that it can be shared wide and across all platforms.
  41. Respond to Queries: Provide suitable answers and suggestions to queries asked on other related blogs.
  42. Participate in Q&A rounds: Websites like Quora keep posting questions asked by local  people. Participate and answer these queries as best to your abilities.
  43. Youtube Channel: Presence of your business can be felt by putting up a Youtube channel which can be shared and subscribed by individuals spread across the world. Thus put out your videos and make your presence felt.
  44. Forums: Subscribe and join forums which are related to your business as they are frequented by your prospective customers. Check out this post on shopify on how to find forums.
  45. Feature Interview: Try to connect and interview a big personality, preferably related to your industry. Don’t invest in interview a celebrity, as even a well-known figure in your local area would work. This will garner spotlight from people interested in your business line.
  46. Transfer Queries to Blogs: the queries and questions asked by your clients can be turned into informational blogs to educate and help future clients. This will help reduce confusion among your prospects.
  47. Run Survey: Populate your business ideas by requesting people to fill out survey forms related to your business and products.
  48. Follow-up of Survey: Once you are ready with the results of the survey, generate a follow-up posts responding to the customers and other individual queries asked.
  49. Respond to Comments: Create customer loyalty by ensuring all the comments asked by your blog reader are responded in limited time period.
  50. Generate Trust: Showcase your association with other trusted brands and brands that recommend you on your website. This helps you gain authority and gain trust of your audience.
  51. Free Media Alerts: Sites like HARO (Help Out A Reporter) helps you to connect with reporters who can provide sufficient spotlight to your business.
  52. Business Founder for Interview: Offer the opportunity to other websites and organizations to interview your business founders and leaders to get your business story out there.
  53. Charity: Get yourself familiarized with local charities and make your business name floating by putting up some amount for donations.
  54. Sponsorship: List your business in sponsor list by agreeing to sponsor any event and get listed under their event’s sponsor list.
  55. Arrange a Local Meet: Arrange a local meet that can be sponsored by someone else. Perfect way to get locals informed about your business. Make use of services Meetup.com to help you acquaint yourself of the local gatherings.
  56. Speak at Local Meet: Speak out about your business story at a local event. This will get your business recognised and personalized with people around.
  57. Endorse for Vendor: Endorse the products for your contractor and vendor as this will create loyalty and free endorsement by word of mouth of vendor.
  58. Generate a Tool: Create an app or tool that can be utilised by your customers for free and work exceptionally well with your business.
  59. Free part or section of business: Create an integrated tool or feature and turn it free to gain interest from like-minded customers.
  60. Craigslist: Get your business promoted and marketed on craigslist to get your business in touch with prospective customers.
  61. Loyalty Discounts: Create long term relationships with your satisfied clients and customers by offering them discounts and offers. 
  62. Local Chamber of Commerce Membership: As per a survey, 63% of individuals will prefer to buy products from local chamber members. This also helps to build free brand loyalty.
  63. Slideshare: Create a presentation of your business and post it online on slideshare for free. Let people know about you, your business and its offerings to the core.
  64. Link with Popular Blogs: Respond to comments on popular blog working in your industry segment. You might also get backlinking from these sites.
  65. Promote on your Blog: Allow other people related to your industry to promote their website and products on your website and blogs.
  66. Generate Awards and Certificates: Create awards for your segment and promote it on social platforms while connecting with individuals who have won these awards on public platform.
  67. Free Tips: The satisfied clients can be connected with by offering free consultations, tips and advice on the working of your business products.
  68. Responsive Customer Consultant: Allow your clients to connect with you in real time by offering options like live chat Consultant and toll-free phone Consultant just like us.
  69. Market Products through Email: You can promote other related business products through email marketing. This can be your best strategy to get your clients back to your site. Sometimes it is not only about promoting products, but you can to make you clients engaged with some interesting reads served through mail. This will make your audience to only think about you when need arise.
  70. Affiliate program: Generate affiliate marketing of your products which can be done through third party interference or on your own. This platform alone and help you multiply your marketing efforts. Here is an easy step by step process on how to create your own affiliate program from scratch.
  71. Conferences: Attend business related conferences and post reviews along with photos of the event on your website.
  72. Link Products to Employees Profile: Promote your business on your employees profile by linking business profile to their personal social media profile id.
  73. Discounted Price: Inform people that there is certain discount to be availed by those who share details of their business, online.
  74. Organize Campaign: Create a campaign even in the name of the business ensuring authentic publicity of both your small business as well as the products related.
  75. Charitable Pricing: Keep a certain portion of the product price for donation or as charity. This will help to build brand image.       

If you practice the techniques above then you will find no problem in making your business a big brand. The techniques and tools above will help you to brush up and promote your small business in the eyes of the targeted customers.

Businesses operating under small size segments face quite a lot of hardship when they first venture into the market. These businesses are not equipped with expensive state of the art technology and are restricted on to a shoestring budget which at times curbs the full potential to reach the desired clients and customers.

The above tips thus will bring your business into limelight much faster and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

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