Barcode Scanner Compatible with QuickBooks Enterprise

Since QuickBooks has always tried to make the life of small businesses easy, thus they have even come out with POS hardware solutions. With the help of these little devices, you can track your physical inventory with just a simple scan. If you don’t know which scanner to buy then today we will talk about “Barcode Scanner compatible with QuickBooks“.

The important benefit of a barcode scanner is that plenty of information can be coded into a very small space. Barcodes are of many sizes and types. Every barcode has a different formula for the layout of the lines and spaces related to the international standards that find out the barcode pattern that a scanner can easily read. Barcoding is a feasible feature with the QuickBooks Enterprise version for those who have subscribed to the advanced inventory feature.

What is Barcode Scanner?

Specifically used in the retail sector a barcode scanner is an optical device that is used to read a series of coded lines that is an identification mark to the product. The series of lines come out in different standard formats that are read and interpreted by a barcode scanner. After reading the scanner converts the product information into a usable format. (Like the product information is entered on an item receipt). The barcode scanner is easily compatible with the Enterprise version of the QuickBooks application. The QuickBooks Enterprise comprises the exceptional “Advanced Inventory” feature. A Barcode scanner helps in providing the details of the particular product in the stock.

How to Turn on Bar Coding in QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Edit -> Preferences -> Items & Inventory -> Company Preferences
  • Click on the Advanced Inventory Settings button
  • Click on the Barcodes tab
  • Select Enable Bar Code Scanning
  • Open the Barcode Wizard
  • If you currently do not track barcodes in QuickBooks. This is the default setting.
  • Click Next
  • Create only barcodes for Inventory Items.  So you merely check the appropriate box.
  • Click Finish and QuickBooks will create the barcodes for you.
  • In case you go to Item List you can view that QuickBooks has created barcodes for the Inventory Items you selected earlier.
  • Import barcodes by choosing Item List -> Click on the Item drop-down list -> Click on Add/Edit Multiple Items
  • Grid spreadsheet type grid will be displayed.  Edit the Barcode field as you wish.
  • There are different ways to print the barcode labels
  • Click File -> Print Forms -> Labels
  • Select the Item Barcodes Radio Button and then select All Inventory Items from the menu.

There are certain things that affect the barcode reading like: the size of the lines and spaces of the barcode image, edges of the lines are sharp or smudged, the surface the scanner is reading is flat, curved, uneven, or if a scanner is crafted to read the particular size of the barcode. QuickBooks Enterprise version uses laser barcode scanners that read typical barcodes.

Set up and Use USB Barcode Scanner in QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to the Edit menu and then select the Preferences tab.
  • After that, Select Items and Inventory, and then select the Company Preferences tab.
  • Now, Select Advanced Inventory Settings, and then select the Barcodes tab.
  • Select Enable Barcode option, and then select Open Barcode Wizard
  • to get more steps to Set up and Use USB Barcode Scanner in QuickBooks.
Note* Quick Response Code (QR Code) is not similar to the barcode. The QR Code is not Consultanted by QuickBooks Desktop.

For Configuration or Print Barcodes

  • Set barcode scanning
  • Use barcodes
  • Print barcodes

Types of Barcode Scanners in QuickBooks

Within QuickBooks, we can use 1D, 2D & even QR codes. QuickBooks is such compatible software that it can even Consultant barcode scanners that work with I-phone and Android devices. QuickBooks is also compatible with laser, Bluetooth, wireless, or even tablet barcode scanners. Here you can make a selection from a different set of scanners that will do wonders not only with QuickBooks but also with your business. Here is our preferred list of three.

1. 1300G-2USB from Honeywell

This handheld barcode scanner from Honeywell costs $140 approx. It weighs 1300 grams and is an awesome device to keep track of your inventory. A scanning distance of 18 inches will be required to scan the barcode and it has a scan rate of 270 scans per second. Thus it is both fast and reasonable and light.

2. LS2208-SR20007R-NA Motorola

This again is a handheld scanner that comes at a more reasonable price. It costs $130 approx and is really effective for doing small operations as it can scan 100 items per second. The product is very user friendly and requires no training at all to operate. The product is a brand from Motorola and comes corded.

3. CO5330-BKK1 Datalogic

If you are looking for some outstanding experience to track and record your inventory then this barcode scanner from Data logic will be your best choice. It not only guarantees complete satisfaction but also provides 100% successful results. As the product is very quality-oriented thus also comes a bit costly.

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