CIBC TurboTax Discount: How to sign in and avail CIBC discount?


TurboTax is one of the best accounting software employed by maximum businesses in Canada. The software offers different versions for different segments of people to file their taxes. The software is integrated with numerous features that make filing taxes easy. There are certain occasions when TurboTax offers discounts up to 20% on its tax filing products. The discount applies to the standard, premier, and home & business editions. For further benefits go through the CIBC website to avail CIBC TurboTax Discount.

TurboTax application rightly guides you to your maximum refund. And the 20% privilege discounts is offered to the CIBC clients. TurboTax software assures 100% accurate calculations. It welcomes newbies and eases down handling the software with simple steps. No matter, whatever is the tax situation Intuit has developed a TurboTax product for you.

CIBC TurboTax Discount: How to Bank with it?

With the CIBC Small Business Convenience Card, you are authorized for simplified banking with CIBC. With the help of the card, you are the entitled primary account holder no matter the mode of banking is directly from the branch, by phone or online. In addition to you are also benefited with the customization feature with CIBC Small Business Customized Access. With this feature, you are free to entitle the regular financial transactions and tasks to the reliable individuals and employees.

How to continue online tax return (via CIBC)?

In case you want to continue online tax return through CIBC you need to go to the CIBC website and click on the provided link. You have to enter the username and password that was initially created that will take you to your account, at the last saved destination.

Trying to sign in to TurboTax (via CIBC link) as a returning customer. Where to find the User ID and Password?

CIBC is a leading financial institution based in Canada that offers discounts on the purchase of TurboTax software to its customers. You just need to click on the link to take advantage of the offer. When trying to register as a returning user of TurboTax, you will be prompted with user ID and Password.


Where to Find this information?

In case you don’t want to register as a new user as it will endanger all the links and connections between the current year and previous year returns, then do the following:

Online Users:

For the TurboTax Online users, the User ID and the password will similar to the previous year. In case you forget your User ID and password, you can easily reset and request by following the link:

Desktop Users:

If you are a previous TurboTax Desktop user you will need to create an account in TurboTax Online. It does not hinder the import of your prior year report to the current report on returns. Click on the import your previous year’s return to your current return. You can create a new account by following this link:

Import Your Previous Year Data

If you face issues with transferring your data from older version to the newer version then go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Choose the sign in option and continue to work on 2015 version of TurboTax.
  3. On the dialogue box that appears, provide your username and password. Don’t worry about your credentials as the same ID and password used in your older account would work.
  4. You will now see a product page with different versions listed.
  5. Choose your preferred version and hit continue.
  6. On the next screen, you will be prompted with the question, if you would like to import your previous year’s data. Choose yes.
  7. Follow the set of prompts that now appears and you will be able to successfully import your data.

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