Ask for Accounting News Comparison between QuickBooks and FreshBooks in 2017

Comparison between QuickBooks and FreshBooks in 2017

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Ask for Accounting News Comparison between QuickBooks and FreshBooks in 2017

Comparison between QuickBooks and FreshBooks in 2017

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Small and medium sized companies are gearing up to equalize up to a way to implement the best accounting software to manage their business. Installing an accounting program to the system is the need of an hour. Implementing accounting software to a business has redefined businesses performance drastically and seamlessly manages accounting tasks. Here come some of the accounting platforms that have made their remarkable place because of their reliability, security, and unparalleled accounting performance. The two top players that capture the market are QuickBooks and FreshBooks. Let’s do comparison between Quickbooks and Freshbooks.

Comparison between QuickBooks and FreshBooks


FeaturesQuickBooks FreshBooks
Users and PermissionsWith QB you can have a 1-user, 3-user, or 5-user plans. QuickBooks pulls ahead is in the user permissions settings.With FB you can choose from a 1-user, 2-user, or 6-user plan. In FreshBooks, all your staff will have the same permissions.
PricingQB plans are less expensive on the whole, and you also get a full set of accounting features for the money spent. It is an economical solution.FreshBooks offer free plan that only allows you to manage only one client.
Easy UsabilitySimple and easy to use. Simple set up and user friendly interface. QB is a little more complicated, and navigation is a bit less efficientFreshBooks offers an interactive dashboard and easy to use features.
Product HighlightsQuickBooks is incorporated with core features that are essential for the business.FreshBooks lacks key accounting features as the software is primarily for invoicing rather than full-fledged bookkeeping services.
IntegrationsQuickBooks has lot of integrations than FB. It offers more than 240 add-ons.FreshBooks offers around 70 add-ons and has less integration.
Customer Service SupportQB offers no email support, nor does it have a very extensive online database. Customers have reported about poor support services,FB also has a useful FAQ page with helpful information on a number of topics, and a weekly webinar covering FreshBooks fundamentals.
Reviews and ComplainsQuickBooks has a lot of complains and negative reviews.FreshBooks has less negative reviews and complains.
TestimonialsQuickBooks has failed to gather glowing reviews and testimonials.FreshBooks great customer service and time tracking feature is effortlessness with which the service allows clients to make online payments.
SecurityAdvantage of security, encrypted data storage.FB being cloud based offers top level security.

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When compared both the accounting software QuickBooks wins the race as it has enhanced itself with new functionalities with the release of the different versions. The industry specific QuickBooks software has made it more popular than FreshBooks. Hope you are now clear of which software to buy to manage your business accounting. As we have made an easy comparison between Quickbooks and freshbooks If you still want further help or want to buy quickbooks then you can give us a call. You can dial us at our toll free Quickbooks online support phone number at 1800-940-7442 meant for both US and Canada.

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  1. I made up my mind and was about to buy freshbooks but your comparison chart cleared many of my doubts. I can easily see that Freshbooks is limited under many heads. They serve limited addons and are a lot expensive. What I was surprised to see was that Freshbooks is purely about invoicing and lacks many key features of the Basic accounting. This was new to me, but thanks for you help.

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