Connect Transaction Pro with QuickBooks Online

Connect Transaction Pro with QuickBooks Online

Read this blog, you get complete knowledge about that “How to connect Transaction Pro with QuickBooks online” with all mandatory information.

QuickBooks accounting software is one of the best ways to handle an entire accountancy function and to get more potential profit. While doing transactions, the user has to be sure what type of transaction takes place or which list can be imported to the QuickBooks online utilizing the QuickBooks Pro importer. The list represents many options such as credit card charges, bill payments, journal entries, invoices, and sales receipts.

How it works with QuickBooks Online

Transactions Pro makes all things easy to import-export and delete the data. They include all transactions along with QuickBooks utilizing Excel or CSV files. It is one of the most simple and best ways to exchange external data with QuickBooks Online.

User can easily import products and services, just need to go through with below steps

  • Open the QuickBooks online window and then choose the “settings” option
  • From the drop-down preference, mark on “Import data” options
  • After that, hit your next click on the “Products and services”
  • Locate and choose that excel file you want to import
  • Must be sure about all data you want to import and then click on NEXT

To upload a QBO file to QuickBooks online, perform the following steps

  • Go to the QuickBooks File menu, click on “Utilities”
  • Then choose the “Import” option and also mark your next click on the “Web Connect Files”
  • Choose that specific QBO file that you saved and then click on “Open”
  • List of all “Bank Accounts” will pop-up on your screen and then select your “Bank Account”
  • Proceed forward and click on “Continue”
  • Then again open the Bank Feed Centre to view all old transactions and you are all done with this process.

Benefits, you must know about them

  • Transaction Pro is specifically designed for easy use. This product introduces for business purpose only to make all accountancy management. It helps to raise the business economy level.
  • FAST Transaction Pro uses the most recent Intuit API’s to guarantee the quickest possible uploads. This will helps you to improve the performance of the workflow which leads to manage all processes accurately. You will find that they continuously work on how to increase the value of all items to be more productive.
  • TRUSTED. Since 2005, Transaction Pro has been the believed name for information imports and exports for QuickBooks online.

Transaction Pro has been the believed name in information import, export, and erase tools with QuickBooks online. Transaction Pro makes it quick and simple to move all transactions and records into and out of QuickBooks by means of Excel or CSV documents. A straightforward one-time mapping is everything necessary; no confounded formats. Exchange Pro can easily save for long periods of time and reduce all complexities of manually entering exchanges into QuickBooks. Also, you realize your information is without mistake since we approve your record to be certain everything is right. Basically simplified your record, map the fields and begin moving information in minutes.

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