Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop: 5 Steps to Convert QuickBooks

Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Congratulations on migrating your franchise books from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online. Now that you’ve made the switch I’m going to show you how to get around and Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop with ease.

Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop:

Follow the steps provided below and you will be able to successfully convert QuickBooks online to QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. It’s actually very simple as you are going to come over at the company’s tab. This you can find on the top of the main navigation bar.
  2. Export data and you’re going to click on the (+) sign. Now the dialogue will appear. This will walk you through all the steps which you are required to take for the necessary conversion.
  3. If you get any kind of an error then this may be because that you may be on the firefox browser. The instant fix you can do is by making an exit from every tab and opening up Internet Explorer.
  4. Though, even working with IE will not be easy as soon after clicking the tabs you will be asked to install ActiveX Control. But don’t get intimidated by it as you will just have to follow the prompts.
  5. Install the control that it asks you to install and eventually it will start creating the local or offline or desktop edition. Copy that and you will then be able to bring up into your quickbooks pro a quickbooks premiere whichever you like in order to start using quickbooks locally.

Overview of QuickBooks Online and Desktop version.

The very first thing that you would need to do, is open up your QuickBooks Desktop and navigate to the homepage. This is the area where you can perform your workflow for your customers such as:

  • Creating invoices,
  • Receiving payments,
  • Entering bills and paying bills and your banking activities,
  • Recording deposits for payments received,
  • Writing checks and entering credit card details,

On the left hand side you can find the charges tab and the navigation bar which takes you to all centers of activity so you have:

  • Your home page
  • Your customer center
  • Your vendor center and your report Center all visible on the dashboard.

QuickBooks Online

Now, let’s see the home page in QuickBooks Online. The home page in QuickBooks Online is a dashboard made up of tiles. These tiles are snapshots of your business so you see:

  • Your profit and loss,
  • Your expenses,
  • Your open invoices,
  • Your overdue invoices,
  • Your sales for products and services and all of your bank and credit card accounts that you have connected to QuickBooks in these tiles.

These tiles give you the insight you need to help you determine what you need to do next. This may include sending invoices or paying bills so how do you access tasks like sending invoices and paying bills.

How QuickBooks Desktop is better than QuickBooks Online?

Well, In QuickBooks Online you would do this from the home page or you’d also could do it from the menus. So if I wanted to send an invoice,

I would go to customers tab and create invoices then when I’m ready to receive a payment I would again click on customers. When I am now ready to receive payments and then when I’m ready to deposit the payment I would click on banking and make deposits.

If I want to see my lists for my company I would click on list the menu and then select chart of accounts and my item list. And if I wanted to change any of my settings I would click on edit and click on preferences so let’s see how you do this in QuickBooks Desktop.

How to perform the same function in QuickBooks Desktop?

So in QuickBooks Desktop we’ve simplified this down to two menus. The plus menu, this you can find in the upper right hand corner. Just click on the same and when you do that then it is really used to create anything that you want to do in QuickBooks so you can:

  • Create an invoice
  • Under customers you can receive a payment,
  • You could create a bill or pay bills and then you could make bank deposits to lists to access all of your settings or lists related to your company.

You would click on the gear menu to see your company settings such as accountant settings that’s the same as preferences. You could add or remove users by managing users. You can access all of your company lists so your chart of accounts your products and services which you would know as your item list in QuickBooks desktop.

Benefits with QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks desktop you have a navigation bar down the left hand side so this takes you to all your centers of activities. The dashboard is your home page where sales are equivalent of your customer Center expenses which is further equivalent of your vendor Center. Report is equivalent of your report Center.

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