Credit Card Processing Compatible with QuickBooks


QuickBooks is a very choice for every business who is planning to use an accounting software. The reason why the program remains so high in demand is that the overall functionality is easy to understand. Every single accounting operation can be done via QuickBooks. If there is something that QB isn’t capable of then 3rd party apps come to the rescue. Same is the case when you process credit cards. There are certain apps which make “credit card processing compatible with QuickBooks“, but one app, in particular, stands out the most. Continue reading and you will know what we are talking about.

What is QuickBooks Capable of?

QuickBooks is the most trusted accounting solution that is designed and developed by Intuit. It allows:

  • Seamless recording of transactions,
  • Preparation of tax and tracking the expenses.
  • Inventory management,
  • Payroll management.

Credit card processing is one area that is not directly supported by QuickBooks. There are different secured payment plugins that support seamless integration for organizations using the QB accounting software. QuickBooks users can easily process credit cards transactions and Debit cards entries all in real time.

This can be possible with the help of TCP/IP connection. The transaction speed is good for all major credit cards and ACH transactions. Credit Card processing compatible with QuickBooks is only possible with the help of third-party software like Payscout. This software helps in the quick processing of the credit card payment transactions.

Benefits of Payscout: The only Credit Card Processing Compatible with QuickBooks

  • Simplify the Payments: Receive payments quick and easy through credit card or free bank transfers.
  • Accept Quick Notifications: Send payment reminders and receive real-time alerts so that you are updated about the when customers view and payment f the invoices.
  • Quick Access of Funds: The customer payments are automatically transferred to your bank account.

QuickBooks Compatibility with Credit Cards:

  • Easy configuration of a merchant account with QB. Simply swipe the card or enter numbers manually, both will be acceptable.
  • QuickBooks program will help you as a CC processor and will allow you to submit request to the card payment company. They will then put the effort to send the request to the bank from which the credit card is issued.
  • Further, the bank will at their own discretion will either approve or decline the entry. The response will be send accordingly. Finally the decision will be intimated to QB. Though this whole process may look a bit tedious and time consuming but believe it or not, this entire transactions takes place in a fraction of seconds.
  • In case the card is processed, the bank in question will send the money via card transfer. It will take maximum 2-4 business days.

Benefits of Payscout Integration with QuickBooks:

Payscout is a third party software that is used for QuickBooks. It serves as the best solution for the double-entry accounting problems. Earlier the merchants using QuickBooks had to enter all the payment data manually. This is because they were left with no other option.

The Payscout app for QuickBooks helps to fill the gap. When integrated well with the program, you exempt the need for putting these manual entries. By using the Payscout program the QuickBooks easily performs the sync service. This further helps to link your credit card and check entries processing to your QuickBooks. This allows you to not only pay invoices and processing transactions but you also generate sales receipts and helps in synchronize transaction data. This all happens by just being on the QuickBooks homepage.

Payscout authorizes QuickBooks with recurring payment capabilities.

“Every transaction made goes encrypted end-to-end by Payscout providing extra security.”

This makes the program one of the best credit card processing compatible with QuickBooks. Payscout can be easily synced with QuickBooks and its versions including:

  • QuickBooks Pro,
  • QuickBooks Premier and
  • QuickBooks Enterprise. It’s very easy to save time that was earlier involved in making double-entries.

How to Integrate QuickBooks with Payscout?

Syncing payscout with QuickBooks involve code that needs to be inserted into your QuickBooks settings tab. This is a bit of a technical task and involves deep knowledge of HTML. We would suggest you tread with caution.

If not done correctly then you may end up loosing or mismatching your data within QB itself. Thus we would suggest calling to get your software’s integrated.

For further queries and assistance, you can contact QuickBooks support number. The team can be contacted through toll-free phone number, email support or live chat option. The QB professionals are very prompt and responsive in assisting support service. Else you can also choose to connect with that is a reliable support agency roofing experienced QuickBooks experts.