Deli POS System


QuickBooks POS for Deli Business

The QuickBooks Point of Sale software for deli business comes equipped with various features to proficiently handle high amount of orders in a very short span of time, allowing you to make the most of your deli business. From inventory management to employee management, the QuickBooks Deli POS software is one of the best options to handle your business efficiently.

A deli business, which serves different kinds of food items can only be profitable if situated in busy areas, especially where is there is always rush during the lunchtime. And in order to increase businesses and ear more revenue some deli businesses also serve breakfast. However, apart from finding a suitable location, how the food is prepared, business management and customer services are some other key aspects to build a successful deli business. But one of the most important yet overlooked point that is highly important for the success of a deli business is having a good Point of Sale system and nothing can be better than QuickBooks Point of Sale System.

With Intuit QuickBooks POS System, the digital menu boards and the customer facing display further enabling you to showcase your specialties. You can even identify the items on your menu easily so that you can complete your customers’ order without making them wait. And if you need to split or combine checks, the QuickBooks Deli POS software makes this task very easy.

Multi Payment Options
Mobile POS
Multi-store POS
Barcoding & Labels
Inventory Control
Customer Management
Employee Management
Audit Trails
Customer Reporting
Budget Reporting
Custom Reporting
Sales Reporting
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Now I handle customer preferences & understand purchase histories easily with this QuickBooks POS. I would highly recommend this software for Deli businesses.

-Russell V. Song(Madison, NJ 07940)

Store Manager