Download Sage Timeslips 2019

Download Sage Timeslips 2019

In this article, you read Sage Timeslips’ benefits and features and learn how to “Download Sage Timeslips 2019” easily. Sage Timeslips billing and time-tracking software meet all needs of a modern-day law firm and with the help of integrated online payments powered by LawPay, the software swiftly enables capturing billable hours accurately and generates more accurate and timely billing. The software is one of the prevalent and one of the most reliable timekeeping and billing solutions for the legal industry that has been around for the last 25 years.

Increasing profitability, delivering more accurate and timely billing has never been so easy. Timeslips is easy to use and caters to all the billing, reporting needs of legal concern, and with this software growing revenue is easier than ever. Sage Timeslips e-Center can be used on remote computers and mobile devices to generate time and expense slips online. This e-Center application needs to be purchased separately.

Benefits of Sage Timeslips

  •    Never misses a billable opportunity
  •    Ensure accurate time and expense capturing
  •    Automatic time capture helps to increase productivity
  •    Easily handles all the processes from billing to accounts receivable
  •    Reports made easy for better performance
  •    New – integration with LawPay’s  “Pay Now”

Check Out The Features Supported in Detail Below

  • Timeslips is a complete account management
  • Bill payments and transactions are easily recorded and handled
  • It can integrate with popular accounting products
  • Enables user-defined rules and time periods to suit your business needs
  • Choose from a range of predefined Accounts Receivable reports

Intuitive Bill Creation

A simple drag and drop customization help generate bills quickly and easily in a professional way. Sage Timeslips support multiple billing arrangements and standards with access to LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor 1.

  • Simple drag-and-drop customization can make the bill appear more customized and professional
  • You can place your own watermark for draft bills

Client Contacts Can Have Related Parties Added

Although Timeslips has long supported a conflict of interest checker, it dint allow adding of adverse or related parties as connected contacts. Now when you add connected contacts to client records, you can add conflicting parties’ contacts too like opposing counsel, judges, etc.

  • Also enables to determine how contact is linked to a client
  • Additional contacts are present in a separate tab for quick access

Smart Time And Expense Entry

Most of the entries are automated and accurately captured in a customized manner like it pre-populates account entry, captures time automatically, populates client-based tasks and related expense lists. Not only this, your workflow comes with voice-to-text data capture.

  • Pre-populated account entry
  • Automatically captures the time
  • Defined custom fields for client-based task and expense lists
  • Voice to text data capture

Valuable Business Insights via Simple Reporting

Timeslips helps in easy understanding of performance through simple, yet robust reporting. The software comes with more than 100 predefined reports and also allows creating custom reports with the help of the intuitive report wizard.

  • Has more than 100 predefined reports
  • Allows for the creation of custom reports with the help of guided report wizard

Integrated online payments

Simple online payments solution from LawPay seamlessly integrates into Sage Timeslips. LawPay is an industry-leading payment solution developed specifically for law firms that provides a simple, secure way to accept client payments online from within the Sage.

With Timeslips you can now send emails to clients with a “Pay Now” link from where they can click and submit their payments online which gets allocated to the firm’s accounts as well.

Filter Options and Day View

Over time your Entry Window can become clogged with many screens. The filters will allow you to display only the relevant Templates by filtering your Timesheet Entry. The Day View help to scrutinize all the daily tasks and helps you sport the gap just by entering the start time which shows all the slips filled for the day. It also has a Google calendar synced in so you do not have a separate one dedicated to Timeslips.

With the realization of this latest version of Timeslips Billing Software, users can achieve all the above tasks in a convenient and efficient way. It’s time you considered the newly enhanced software as the older version will eventually not be supported anymore.

Sage Timeslips Error, Issue and Problems:

Sage Timeslips Address Violation Error – Data is corrupt in memory
Sage Timeslips Database Errors – Occur due to data corruption
Sage Timeslips BDE Error – Borland Database Engine (BDE) settings on the workstation are too low
Sage Timeslips Error Code 11 – During opening timeslips
Sage Timeslips Error 1973 – Occur due to incomplete installation
Sage Timeslips Error 122 – You are unable to access or retrieve data.
Sage Timeslips Credit Card Issue – Unhandled Exception when processing credit cards

At the moment support is offered for Sage 2018, Sage 2019, and Premium members by Sage but Sage has made it clear that they want all their users to switch to the upgraded version, for that matter be it any product related to Sage.

Before you make up your mind about moving to the newer version, call the Sage support team for clearing all doubts and queries related to Sage Timeslips 2019. We can help you upgrade and migrate to any new versions of the Sage line of products.

Call the AskForAccounting helpdesk team on our toll-free number one of our advisors will be able to guide you in a better way to download Sage 2021 latest version, Sage 2021 upgrade/update, Sage 2020 update. They are well versed with all the typical issues related to sage Dial +1888-461-1609. Alternatively, you can also chat with our expert online 24*7 or drop in an email and one of the experts will get back with the right solution.