QuickBooks POS Error 193

QuickBooks POS Error 193

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 193 Primary Key for Dept. Keywords is Not Unique. “QuickBooks POS Error 193” is a specific kind of Point of Sale issue issue that you encounter when processing your mailbag. You may face lot of issues with your QB Point of sale and QuickBooks Error 193 is one among them. To get the resolution of the software, we would suggest that you continue reading.

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a comprehensive solution from Intuit designed from small and medium retail industries. It performs basic operations like sales, tracking inventory and managing customer relation efficiently. This application is available in Basic and Pro version. It has many inbuilt features and improvised tools that will increase the work-flow efficiently. It helps in managing your merchandizing effectively but there are certain scenarios where your software may come across a certain technical error. One such technical error is QuickBooks POS Error 193. There are many ways to solve this issue, Connect to out QuickBooks error support for better solutions.

QuickBooks Error Code 193 Warning Message

QuickBooks Error Code 193 transpires when you try to send a mailbag from the HQ to a secluded store or you try to receive a mailbag from that secluded store to HQ. You will see the following error message gets displayed on your computer screen:

Error Message: Error – 193 Primary Key for dept keywords is not unique.


Error Message: Error – 193 Primary Key for table ‘Customer Rewards’ is not unique.

Causes & Reason For Store Exchange Error Code 193 QB POS

There are various reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of this QuickBooks POS error 193. They are:

  • You have matching department codes or names in your software.
  • You have deleted or merged the customers names.
  • There is a presence of corrupt or damaged Customer List at the secluded store where the transmitting of the mailbox was taking place.
  • Corrupt or damaged .QBT files.

How to Fix QuickBooks POS Error 193:

quickbooks error 193

Intuit experts have suggested some resolutions methods that will help you in resolving your QuickBooks POS error 193.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1: Mailbag

🔹 Open Reports tab on the QuickBooks POS.
🔹 Run a report on Customer List.
🔹 The first customer is to be selected and double-click on it.
🔹 As the first customer details are displayed on the screen, go to the View List section on the top.
🔹 A new Customer List will open in the old v 9 version.
🔹 Select all by pressing Ctrl + A from the keyboard.
🔹 Once you have selected all the customers from the list, select I want To option and Delete the Customer(s).
🔹 On the Headquarters server, go to File
🔹 Select Utilities and then press Resend
🔹 Press Resend option and then receive the mailbag at the secluded store.

Solution 2: Send a Mailbag to Headquarters

If the above solution wasn’t of any help to you and you are still facing QuickBooks POS Error 193 then try out the solution below:

🔹 If you are getting the error at the receiving end at the secluded store then you will have to send a mailbag to Headquarters.
🔹 After sending the mailbag, now receive it.
🔹 From the secluded store, go to Customers menu and select the Customer List.
🔹 For one customer at a time, click I want to and press Delete till you have deleted all the customers from the list.
🔹 The main customer records are stored in Headquarters and will be sent again from there.
🔹 Or if you have too many customers, then:
● For Version 10 & 2013: Select the first customer in the list and press the Shift Then you will have to select till the last customer from the list.
● For Version 9:Select the CTRL + A keys to highlight all the customers.
🔹 On the Headquarters server, go to File
🔹 Select Utilities and then press Resend
🔹 Press Resend option and then receive the mail bag at the secluded store.

With the solutions mentioned above, you can easily resolve your QuickBooks POS Error Code 193. If you have any queries or you need some assistance while performing the solutions above, you can contact QuickBooks POS Support for assistance. They are 24*7 hours customer support providing consultancy that provides services globally. They provide assistance for accounting software like QuickBooks. To connect with them, you will have to call on their helpline toll-free number. You can also visit their website Askforaccounting.com for more information. They also have a provision for Online Chat Support.