Sage 50 Error 3000

Sage 50 Error 3000

At times when you are working on your Sage 50, you experience network loss between the server and the workstation. These kinds of errors belong to a spectrum of errors that start with “Sage 50 Error 3000“. You need to perform the troubleshooting procedure as soon as you experience this error. That is why the AskForAccounting is going to help you fix your issue Sage error 3000 all step by step.

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What is Sage 50 Error 3000

When you launch the program on your computer system, you come across several kinds of error codes that imply only one thing- ‘Connection error between the server and the workstation.’

These Sage error codes are 3004, 3006, 3008, 3010, 3014, 3020, 3032, 3108, 3110, 3111 and 3112. Consequently, you are unable to perform the task and the program shuts down after you have closed the error. You cannot perform any task.

What Causes Error 3000 in Sage

There are two reasons for this error:

  • While you are accessing Sage 50, there was a disruption and eventually loss between the server and the workstation.
  • While the client is waiting for the server to provide him with a response on the workstation, the network suffers a time-out.

Resolving the Sage 50 Error 3000

Follow the below steps and methods to fix the 3000 error code.

  • Launch Sage 50 and follow the action again.
  • If the error persists, start the pervasive again after shutting it down.
  • If you are working in a multi-user environment, then you need to perform this action on the server computer.
  • All the other workstations must be closed while this action is performed on the server computer.
  • Go to the related resources section and learn how to stop or start the Pervasive service.

Alternative Solution to Fix Sage Error 3000

  • Reboot your workstation.
  • If the problem is not resolved even after rebooting the workstation, then reboot the server. In case you were accessing a file while the connection loss happened, there are chances that the file was damaged during that period. So, if the error redirects you towards a file after all the options mentioned above have failed, you will need to fix the damaged file. Go to the next option.

Solution: Repairing the Damage resulted because of the error:

  • If the error redirects you to a file in the data path, go to the file and change its name. Run Repair on Sage over the server.
  • If the file is located in your company data directory, then contact the Sage 50 Tech Consultant team to learn about the files which could be deleted securely.
  • Locate the company directory now to search the directory of the data.
  • If you are unable to delete the file but able to open the company, you will need to reindex the files.
  • In case neither deleting nor reindexing is allowed in the system, the last resort is to restore a good backup.
  • In case you are unable to open the company file and the file referenced in your company data folder, once more you will need to restore a good backup.

These solutions provided above would help you resolve the Sage 50 Error 3000. However, if you may need some technical assistance while performing the operation, you can call our Sage 50 Consultant team.

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