Find Sage 50 Serial Number and Activation Key

Find Sage 50 Serial Number and Activation Key

Sage 50 activation code is required to activate the program and to take the full control of the software. If you have bought the software and you are still figuring out ways to activate the platform then continue to read. If you demand instant support for “Sage 50 Serial Number and Activation Key” then you can reach out for help at our toll-free number provided as per your own convenience to Sage 50 activation problem.

Sage 50 software has enabled organizations across different verticals to run their business at the go on the click of a mouse! With the growing popularity of this software, it is becoming an ideal choice for companies looking to multiply productivity and efficiency of their staff while leveraging the flexibility to securely work on the application, from anywhere and anytime.

The accounting software can be customized according to the user’s business needs and comes with inbuilt, tailor-made features that are user-friendly in nature. However, to tap into the benefits and features of this software, a user needs to adequately key-in Sage 50 activation code. This can be done by either seeking help from the Sage 50 customer care experts or by following the below steps, viz.:

  • Obtaining the correct sequence of the serial number
  • Entering credentials and activating the key

The above steps can be performed by using two methods, which are commonly followed by most of the Sage 50 2018 and Sage 50 2017 users. Let’s take a quick look at them!

Method to Find the Sage 50 Serial Number and Activation Key

Sage 50 serial number

Getting your Sage 50 serial number or activation key is not difficult. Do you have Sage 50 2017, 2018, 2015, 2019 or 2013? Find your serial number free.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Method 1: For Sage 50 Serial Number and Activation Key

Log in by entering his/her credentials. Subsequently, click on “My Accounts” and take a note of all the important details from the account. Next, follow the below step:

🔹 Double click “Home” tab
🔹 Select “My Account”
🔹 Click on the Sage Products and Services
🔹 Select the relevant Serial Number and accurately note down the activation key displayed on your computer screen.

Method 2: Sage 50 Serial Number and Activation Key

🔹 The alternate way to find the correct Serial Number and Activation Key is purchasing Sage 50 CD drive and retrieving the number from the back of its cover.
🔹 In order to get the Serial Number, simply visit the Sage 50 2018 Portal and insert the serial number obtained from the CD cover.
🔹 Next, follow steps (as mentioned below) on your desktop (or the master computer hosting all the critical Sage 50 data) to key-in the serial number..

Here are the steps you would need to follow:

🔹 In your admin computer or laptop,
🔹 Click “Help” and select “Sage 50 software activation”.
🔹 Next, click on the latest version you’re working on,
click “OK”.
🔹 The software will prompt you to insert the Serial Number (retrieved through CD).
🔹 Restart the application and re-enter the new serial number. Click “OK” to complete the process.

How to Add Full Sage 50 Activation Code?

This can be done by launching Sage 50 accounting software and selecting “Tools” to upgrade the program. Now, insert your account details and other important information like serial number and activation key. Tap “OK” to complete the process.

While working on the process, a user may come across various tricky situations like moving data to new software (if you are working on the older version) or deleting the existing Sage 50 software, reinstalling the software and restarting the system to enter Sage 50 serial number and activation key – if you are stuck anywhere or unable to work out by yourself, fret not! Our Sage 50 technical support team is available 24×7 to help you log-in the correct account credentials and perform the entire process in a flash of few minutes, simply reach out to them at toll free number.

By seeking Sage 50 support number from our Sage 50 assistance channels, customers can get all the necessary information for finding the Sage 50 activation code and Sage activating issue without any error or unnecessarily wasting time. Our squad of experts are available round-the-clock to answer your problems and provide apt solutions. To get a quick and reliable Sage 50 support, call at our tollfree number +1888-461-1609.