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QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner under QuickBooks POS software is one of the most impervious ways of pursuing and documenting the raw materials and other stock in store related to the business. The hardware is equipped to handle physical stocks and not the services. The scanner has made a name for itself being quite useful as it provides flexibility achieved due to its mobility feature. The user can scan inventory and respective barcodes on them by moving within the area and not worry about bringing the material to one place again and again. The hardware swiftly records the needed information of the stock under the correct category in the QuickBooks Point of Sale Software.

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner:

Inventory Scanner is a part of Point of Sale software that can be easily integrated with the QuickBooks accounting software. With this smooth integration QuickBooks users can take charge and grow their business in spades as the scanner ensures certain mistakes and errors are reduced to minimum level. The hardware gets rid of human errors are count of units in the new stock as well as the mismatch of SKUs. The total labor cost is also reduced as now there is no need of spending useful resources on training the employees and getting them acquainted with inventory management process. Furthermore, expenses related to movement of goods is also stabilized as the business owner now knows which goods move easily and which are not to be moved altogether. These benefits accorded with Inventory scanner integrated with QuickBooks helps in accomplishing better and smarter decisions of the business as the data related to stock is authentic and in real time.

QuickBooks Inventory scanner features:

The inventory scanner with QuickBooks is outfitted with many powerful tools and features that altogether makeup for an invigorating hardware. The scanner accords for numerous features such as double entry management of the stock under which the user can track stock from suppliers to customers without losing out on any important information. Furthermore, the device offers mobility advantages as it is wireless and is fixed with a user friendly interface which helps to keep a hold on all the movements of the stock from the dashboard window itself. These features of the scanner are accompanied with high level of flexibility that also helps to customize the software as per the needs of the business.

QuickBooks POS software Added Benefits :

This hardware integrated with QuickBooks Point of Sale software has been one of the reasons why many businesses in manufacturing and wholesale industries have flourished to new heights. They accord supreme quality of benefits thus giving an edge over their competitors. Some of these benefits are enlisted below:

  • An inventory scanner reduces the scope of errors to minimum level. It has been noticed that the error found in manually updated records is quite higher in comparison to the records put down by Inventory scanners. Furthermore, the records listed by the hardware are faster and more accurate than the manual input.
  • It inculcates better management of the Inventory and all the related processes. Authentic details of the stock are captured using Inventory scanner, thus promoting reduced level of stocks with least possibility of errors. This further result in low overhead charges and reduction in overall resource expense. The scanner can also be used to locate lost products and equipment which would cost more if tried to replace and also save time from trying to locate manually.
  • Better quality and accuracy of data is offered by Inventory scanner. The information obtained using inventory scanner hardware is essential under tracking of stock and pricing procedure of the business, the data updated is real time and available at moment’s notice with Inventory scanner. The user can also customize the hardware as per the needs and requirement of the business.
  • The Point of Sale software with inventory scanner when integrated with QuickBooks software, it reduces the need of training and spending other relevant resources on the employee to tackle any sort of inventory process need. The scanner and the POS software takes but minutes to learn and handle the inventory process and the employee also takes just few moments to use the software as well as the scanner expertly. This reduces the cost and resources used by employees to manually account the stock as the employee do not require much training which includes both the extra time spent by employee to train and the time spent by another employee to teach the inventory management.
  • Inventory Scanner sponsors and aids in business beneficial decisions that inculcate profit and growth of the company. As the data is provided in real time and with better accuracy it benefits the business with authenticity in calculation and data. This saves not only money but also time resource of the business.
  • The availability of the data regarding the inventory is instantaneous and promptly proceeded towards inventory management. The scanned information of the stock is directly provided to required employees through computer and decisions regarding stock are then made in just few minutes.

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The inventory scanner hardware under Point of Sale software is an important byproduct that ensures timely and accurate management of the stock. To further ensure that the software do not meet with an untoward incident, it is recommended to get the issues related to the hardware resolved through a professionally certified team of experts set up by Intuit. However, if you face issues in getting connected with the team you can contact us through live chat from our website – or call directly on our Toll Free Number.