Delete POS Data within QuickBooks

Though adding product info. is easy with POS, but the confusion lies in deleting the same. Thus today we will answer delete POS data within QuickBooks. For some limited industries, having a Point of Sale is compulsory as it helps in easing up inventory management. You can add, delete company data, modify and analyze data the way you want.

What QuickBooks POS Comprise of?

The QuickBooks Point of Sale Consultant is an accumulation of programming and networking. The instruments consist of a POS base, an iPad for the user interface, a safe wealth container, a standard tag scanner, and a programmed widget. The quality of apparatus and programming is the same overall Intuit heads vendors, however, you would not be efficient without proficient help.

How Can I Delete POS Data within QuickBooks

The following steps will guide you through the process of deleting your point of sale data. Before deleting data need to backup POS data, thus follow along and you will be able to delete your data all with ease.

  • Dispatch QuickBooks and select “Client Center” at the highest point of the window.
  • Tap on the client’s name under Customers and Jobs, at that point click “Show” and “Deals Receipts.”
  • If you don’t have an idea about the client’s name, click “Exchanges” and “Deals Receipts”.
  • Channel receipts, if wanted, utilizing the Date and Filter by drop-down records.
  • Double-tap the receipt you need to erase or eliminate.
  • Click “Alter” and “Erase Sales Receipt” to forever expel the receipt from your records.
  • Void the receipt by right-clicking in the “Bill To” field. Select “Void Receipt” and “Spare.”
  • This denotes the receipt as paid.

Retrieving Deleted Invoice from QuickBooks POS

In the steps above we answered your query on “how Can I Delete My POS Data”. But there is a way where you can retrieve your deleted data.

  • To get to a deleted receipt, run the Void/Deleted Transactions Report by choosing Reports, and after that Accountant.
  • From here, you should have the capacity to see the detail of the receipt being referred to.
  • You can include segments for more data in this report also.
  • You can’t recover the erased receipt.
  • Yet you can print out the exchange report so you have the data to re-enter as another receipt.

Nevertheless, QuickBooks has the capability to handle everything that is related to finance. As such, you will require an accountant to learn the exactness of your subject matter or to help you with credit management. To understand more about the deletion of records in QuickBooks, you can contact our QuickBooks POS consultant call and get instant assistance from our experts.

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