Print 1099s Forms QuickBooks Online

If the users use self-governing contractors for their business, they must complete printing the 1099S form of QuickBooks. In this article, we will discuss the complete printing process of 1099S from QuickBooks.

This will aid in providing complete guidance about the process. Sometimes the user might need information from the QuickBooks technical team, so they can call the QuickBooks Support Number.

Print 1099S forms QuickBooks

  • Open the QuickBooks Software and click on Edit, which is located in the menu bar
  • Choose Preferences which will be accessible from the drop-down.
  • Choose the Tax: 1099, which is located on the left side of the system.
  • Tick on the company Preferences and choose Yes when asked to confirm in the 1099 MISC Forms section and tick ok.
  • Now the user needs to go to the vendor set up section
  • Tick on the Vendor from the menu bar
  • Choose the Vendor Center from the drop-down menu. Right tick on the independent contractor
  • Here the user needs to select Edit.
  • Tick on the Address Info and they can review the contractor details to ensure that it is correct.
  • Tick on the Additional Info.
  • The user needs to tick on Vendor Eligible and type the contractor’s tax id number
  • Tick on the ok key.

Print 1099S from QuickBooks

  • The user needs to put in the vacant 1099 form in the printer, then tick on the File of the QuickBooks menu bar
  • Choose the Print Forms which is located in the drop-down menu and choose 1096/1099 from the menu list
  • Choose the contractor for whom they want to create 1099, and then tick on the Print 1099. An automatic window will open as preview Askforaccounting. To see the information data on the form, remove the selected Alignment box and choose PDF
  • Tick on the open PDF in preview to review the details on the form
  • Tick on the Print and it will complete printing the 1099 form.

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