How Many Companies Can I Have in QuickBooks Pro


The most frequently asked question by users of QuickBooks Pro across the globe is “how many companies can be added” or how many companies can I have in QuickBooks 2016 Pro? The answer is not vivid. There are controversies around this answer. Some say that only one can be added and some say that out of all the versions available in QuickBooks accounting solution, the online QuickBooks or the QuickBooks Enterprise is the most suitable one if you want to have multiple companies listed in one roof.

Small companies have gradually begun opting out of the earlier versions to the pro versions of QuickBooks so that they can enjoy more benefits and have more productivity. There are companies under one brand these days and having different software for different companies is quite not feasible. Understanding the feasibility, Intuit has come up with QuickBooks pro that enables you to add multiple companies.

How many Companies can I have in QuickBooks Pro:

Well, the answer to that is, you can add as many companies as you like. You can add multiple companies in QuickBooks Pro online. It is the cloud enabled QuickBooks that can help one business add multiple companies. More than one company is supported by QuickBooks to meet the following list of needs-

  • If you started with one company and later realized that you have more companies to list
  • You can integrate all the companies’ data with no hassle of having different user name and password.
  • You can have consolidated report of your companies to ease out the process
  • It helps you cut the cost of each subscription for every new company to be listed in a separate software

Cloud Accounting is the best version which enables you can have more than one company. More than that, you can have ease of access of any component of the business files from anywhere and from any device. You can log in using your credentials from any tablet, pc, laptop, netbook or smart phone.

QuickBooks Pro Desktop version is just apt and meets the expectation of the business owners with several companies to cover.

How to Set up Multiple Companies in QuickBooks Online:

If you are not a member of QuickBooks, then you can add multiple companies by the following the process:

  • Create an account and install QuickBooks.
  • Then you need to go to QuickBooks online support forum. You will get an option to choose from either Simple start version or Essential or Plus.
  • You can go for the free trial version or pay and buy instantly.
  • Once the process is accomplished, follow the steps to open QuickBooks and then start adding your company or companies.

The second process is for those who already have a QuickBooks account. Skip the steps of buying now or choosing free trial version. You can simply click on Already have an account? Sign in.

Now using your user id and password, and log in to QuickBooks. You can see the File menu and follow the instructions-

  • Click on Add New Company
  • Add the requisites of company like the name, address and other details
  • After completion, click on Finish
  • You have successfully added the company
  • You can click on File and select Previous Company to navigate to previous company.

This method of adding and locating companies in QuickBooks is definitely quite easier than thought. Multi-tasking is accelerated with accuracy and prominence. If need help and any support, then dial QuickBooks support number 24/7.