How to add credit card expenses in quickbooks pro 2016-2017

How to record credit card transaction in Quickbooks..

Adding credit card expenses within quickbooks is an easy and ongoing process. It is highly convenient, but if you don’t already know how to add expenses within the program then here is the step by step guide.

  1. Login to your quickbooks accounts and click on your Company file.
  2. Goto the bankings tab and fill in the credit card expense.
  3. Now choose the credit card you want to get charged with.
  4. Enter the Company’s name whose product or service you availed with a credit.
  5. Enter the date on which the credit card expense was made. Please note that the date entered will be in the format like mm/dd/yyyy. If you are recording the expense on the same day then you would not have to change the default date. But if you are recording the same on some later date then scroll the slider to the date when the expense was made.
  6. Now you will see a memo option. Herein Quickbooks provide you with an option of documenting the reason, of why you made that charge. Provide the details if you want.
  7. Now create an account against whom you were charged with an expense. For e.g. if you made a travel expense then travel expense account will be created and if the expenses were made on food then create a similar account.
  8. Provide any further details and click Save and Close. All your recorded entries related to quickbooks will now be maintained in the credit card registers.

Hope you were able to add your credit card expense within your Quickbooks accounting software. But if you are still facing issues then get our help at To get in touch with our Quickbooks proadvisor give us a call at our toll free number at 1800-865-4183 and raise your issue.

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