How to Add Logo to QuickBooks Invoice in 2016 and 2017


Inorder to have a logo displayed on your quickbooks invoice, you would have to fulfill the following given requirements:

How to Add Logo to QuickBooks Invoice

  1. Your image should have a file name with an extension as .jpg.
  2. It must be no larger than 1MB.
  3. The image must use a standard RGB pattern.

Once all the requirements are fulfilled, you will now be able to add a logo to your quickbooks invoice. Just for the sake of knowledge, the logo will be displayed in a 1 by 1 inch display window and will take the space on the left of the company name. Here is how you will add your company logo to your sales invoice:

  • Login to your quickbooks accounting software and navigate to your company profile.
  • Go into your company settings and click on the format tab. This you will find on top side of your invoice tab.
  • Click on the layout designer tab.
  • Quickbooks uses its default templates, thus in this case you would asked to create a duplicate copy of the template. Once done it will now open up the advanced customization window.
  • Now click on the basic customization tab and select “Use Logo” from the list.
  • This will prompt you to select your logo by clicking on the logo button.
  • Browse for your logo image and upload the same to your quickbooks account.
  • Once you are able to upload the image, select the designer layouts tab and position your logo to the desired place.
  • Click ok and save.

Congrats if you were able to upload your logo successfully, but if you are still looking for ways and facing issues uploading your image then call us. Our QuickBooks proadvisor support staff will take care of your query and provide you instant solution on the same. You can call our technical helpline number.