Create a Barcode Inventory System

Thus if you don’t have your own system in place then today we will discuss How to create a Barcode Inventory System“.

Inventory management is a very important task for product-based companies. A barcode inventory management system helps you to save time and money and improve work efficiency for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Barcodes are a cost-effective tool used for tracking assets, generating sales orders, and storing comprehensive information on the product.

Here are Steps to Create a Barcode Inventory System with ease?

Before we can tell you how to create a barcode inventory system of your own, you should really know what are its features and how you can benefit from it. Here are some of the features of the system you want to install:

  • Manage order management
  • Tracking in multiple locations
  • Scanning and printing of barcode
  • The ship, receive and count inventory
  • Compatible with the accounting program

For all the small business owners who are looking forward to automating their inventory processes, then a 1D (one-dimensional) barcode is an essential requirement. The 1D barcode also known as linear code indicates a set of alpha and numeric characters.  These characters hold detailed product information and track inventory items.

There are different standards and resources available that can be facilitated to create your own barcodes and selecting the right type of codes for the businesses. Barcodes automate the further procedures to complete the purchase that usually involves manual interference. It also enhances the productivity of the business improving its quality and accuracy.

Different Resources for Online Barcode Generators

In case you are willing to create barcodes to track your internal business processes, then using a free online barcode generator is easy. It helps in hasting to create sales orders. With the help of a barcode reader and a product sheet comprising all the sale products, you can scan the products simulating a Point of Sale (POS).

In case the small business deals with maximum online orders and you are looking ways for to simplify your warehouse staff to track the location of stock items. The barcode will help to manage your inventory-related processes. It saves a lot of time and improves the quality of output.

For getting started use one of these online barcode generators and run your business smoothly. To track your barcodes you have to save the image on a spreadsheet with a brief description of the product. You need to ensure to adjust the height of the rows to make the size of the image.

How to Make Own Barcode in a Spreadsheet?

You can make your own barcode in a spreadsheet with the help of free Barcode Generators. They are as follows:

Online Barcode Generator

It allows a simple and easy user interface. You can create different types of barcodes.  Also, you can customize the background color and the code itself.  They also accord different downloadable formats in PDF, AI, EPS, and SVG.

Barcode Generator

This is another resource that accords you with the ability to create both linear and 2D barcodes. Just click the image and you can save the image as a PNG file.

Archon Free Barcode Font 39

In-Flow Inventory has accorded a font extension that can be used with Microsoft Word or Excel. It is very simple to use your data and highlight your information.  In the Font drop-down list choose Free 3 of 9 and it will convert data to a Code 39 barcode.

Hope you are knowable to figure out how to create a barcode inventory system of your own. In case you are still finding issues and are not able to work your way then expect all the help from Quickbooks experts.

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