Customize QuickBooks Point of Sale

In this article, read how to Customize QuickBooks Point of Sale. However, everything in QuickBooks can be modified further to make the system more reliable and accurate and so happens with the QuickBooks Point of Sale System.

QuickBooks Point of Sale is software with high efficiency. It helps in recognizing all aspects of a direct selling market and enables the user to understand all the requirements of the enterprise.

How to Customize QuickBooks Point of Sale for Maximum Efficiency

1) Amend your Columns and Lists

Modify your Point of Sale system to hide away unwanted segments and dispense the items to one side. Right-tap the field mark and select Customize. You would then be able to choose and pick the sections you need to be shown in the table. Change the request of segments by moving segment marks. Make them more extensive or smaller by snatching the vertical separating line at the highest point of every segment, like working with Microsoft Excel.

Note: These customizations don't influence reports, yet it is conceivable to redo reports independently.

2) Hide Unwanted Tools

There are several tools that are not used as per the business requirements. They tend to cover the page which does not let you fully utilize your monitor. Reduce them as per your requirements and customize your data as per your concern.

3) Company Preferences

Set up a database that lets you keep the interface of your POS system straightforward and less complex to deal with. Track different records, user login details, and inventory management on the main interface which allows you to be more efficient with your database.

4) Modify Wanted Buttons

Just show the catches that you and your staff totally need to finish the activity. Search for the Customize connect in the lower left-hand corner. Utilize the preferred catches pop-up to move the unwanted catches from Available Tasks to Selected Tasks. You can simply click Restore Default whenever you commit an error.

5) Add Data

Randomly name your item variety fields in a way that fits well for your business. Click File > Preferences > General > My Field Labels and indicate field names for a client, seller, worker, and stock. Tweaked fields will show in the Detail window.

The above modification will help you customize your QuickBooks POS all with ease. This would also allow you to create a POS interface that allows you to fully use your software as per the exact demands of your business. Apart from these valuable tasks, you can also.

Integrate QuickBooks POS with QuickBooks Accounting Software

Integrating the QuickBooks POS system with the accounting software would result in both the analysis and decision-making capacity of the business. By integrating both the systems you can easily track inventories of all the stores, extract reports, use payroll features and manage all the finances of the organization.

QuickBooks POS is a useful and smart system. It can be very well integrated with other POS machines and QuickBooks Desktop. However, to use the software up to its abilities it is important to understand your business needs and the software you’re using. Customizing QuickBooks POS will give you extra flexibility to use the program as per your needs. If you are having a good hand at the Point of sale system then you should face no issues in using customizing the program.

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