How to delete paychecks in quickbooks pro and enterprise 2015 and 2016

How to delete paychecks in quickbooks

If unintentionally wrong info has been entered within employee’s paycheck then you can delete the same so that you can make a new one for the given employee. This is an awesome feature that helps employer and avert them from sending wrong paychecks to their employees. Just follow the below given steps to delete paychecks within quickbooks pro or online.

  1. Choose the “Employees” tab and select on the Edit paychecks tab.
  2. Scroll down to find the paycheck you want to delete. Double tab on the paycheck and you will be able to see the delete option.
  3. Select OK to delete your paycheck.
  4. Click save and you will be able to exit the window.

Quickbooks technical support number

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