Export Contacts List from QuickBooks

Let’s start our article about the “Export Contacts List from QuickBooks“. QuickBooks is a pretty handy software that helps you with everything related to accounts.

It not only makes your business life easy but also helps you gather and store info at one place, which then can later be used by other programs as well. All the details that you feed into the system are recorded on a day-to-day basis be it your transactions or people you deal with.

Export Contacts from QuickBooks

With QuickBooks, it becomes really easy to have the info of each and every vendor so that you can get in touch with them in a snip. Thus you need no more phone number diaries and still, you can have all your details. Though the details are with QuickBooks you can use them for other purposes as well. For this, you would need to export your files.

To Export Contacts from QuickBooks, just follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your QuickBooks accounts and navigate to the company file.
  • Now let’s export customer’s contact details. From the customers tab provided, click over the Customer Center’s tab. This will open up your customers list.
  • Check mark the boxes alongside the name of the customers you want the contacts.
  • If you want customers to be displayed on the basis of their location or by some category then you would need to apply some filters. Filters help you save lot of time, as this helps you see only those people whom you want to include within your list.
  • Now in-order to export your down load the file, click on the excel tab. This you can find under the customers center tab.
  • Now you will be asked to create a new excel sheet. Choose to create a .csv file and you will be ready to export your contacts file.
  • Now hit the export button and you will be able to download your file.

Hope you found what you were looking for, but if still, you are not able to figure out how to export customer contacts from QuickBooks to any other program of your choice then speak to the QuickBooks Consultant team.