Sage 50 Error 3012

Sage 50 Error 3012

Sage 50 is one of the most efficient and widely used accounting solutions. It contains ease to operate optimized features beneficial for accounting. However, while running Sage user often faces errors which may interrupt the work. In this article, we will discuss how to fix “Sage 50 error 3012“.

What is Sage 50 Error 3012:

The Sage error message with code 3012 is called Peach Tree Accounting File System error number 3012. It must need to fix as soon as possible. It is a runtime error that makes software crash or stops running. It appears as an annoying notification on the desktop until it is corrected.

What are the Symptoms of Sage 50 Error Code 3012?

Error code 3012 is a runtime issue that appears without any warning. It comes up on the screen anytime when you are executing Peachtree complete Accounting. The most irritating thing is it continuously popup until it is fixed.

Sometimes there might delete vital files, or some new files appear. It is due to the virus infection. When the User experiences this runtime error there occur frequent drops in internet speed.

What are the significant causes of Sage 50 Error 3012?

  • Incompatible application executing
  • Memory issue
  • A bad Graphic Driver
  • Virus infection

How to Fix Sage 50 Error 3012:

A runtime error is most annoying; sometimes, you unable to discover the exact cause of the issue. The problem should be fixed immediately to prevent further issues. Following is the list of methods to remedy the Sage 50 error message 3012:

Total Time: 40 minutes

Solution 1 – Close the Conflicting Programs:

Conflicting programs is the most frequently found reason behind the runtime error. You need to resolve it by stopping those conflicting applications. To do this, here are the steps:

🔹 Press CTrl+Alt+Del simultaneously to display the Task Manager.
🔹 Once open, it will let you view the list of active running programs.
🔹 Locate the processes option and stop each program one by one by highlighting it and then choose the End Process option
🔹 You will require to discover when the message disappears each time you stop a particular process.
🔹 Once you identified the program which is creating the issue go ahead with further troubleshooting steps and reinstall it.

Solution 2 – Reinstall or Update the Conflicting Software

🔹 Locate search box and write Control Panel in it
🔹 Hit on Update or Uninstall
🔹 Follow the instructions of the prompt according to the selected option to finish the process.

Solution 3 – Update the Antivirus or Reinstall the Latest Windows Update

🔹 Runtime usually takes place with a virus infection; it should need to be immediately fixed.
🔹 To delete a virus, you have to download the updates of the installed virus program & execute a thorough system scan.

Solution 4 – Fix Damaged Files in the Data Path

Here are the steps:

🔹 Browse the data path from inside Sage 50 though below instructions:
🔹 Open your Sage 50
🔹 Choose File and then Open Company.
🔹 Drag the box corner to display the full directory
🔹 The data path is the directory, minus the company name truncated spelling.
🔹 You can also discover the data path through the Sage icon
🔹 Do right-click on the shortcut.
🔹 Hit on Properties
🔹 The program path will appear in blue.
🔹 Now move the below-given files to a temporary folder:
• Envsess.dat
• Envuser.dat
• Options.dat
• Serial.dat
• *.lck
• *.ptl
🔹 Once done, Open Sage 50 Software and verify the error

Solution 5 – Re-install Runtime Libraries

Sometimes the Sage 50 error 3012 is due to the update error such as MS Visual C++ Package is not correctly installed. You have to uninstall the active package and install its fresh copy. Here are the steps you need to follow:

🔹 Open the Control Panel
🔹 Locate the program & features option
🔹 Discover and click Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package
🔹 Choose to Uninstall appearing on the top of the list
🔹 Once done, then reboot the system
🔹 Download the advanced version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable from Microsoft official website
🔹 Follow the instructions to proceed with the installation process

Solution 6 – Start running Disk Cleanup

Follow the steps to free your system space:
🔹 You must consider backing up of files
🔹 Clear the cache and then reboot the system
🔹 Start running Disk Cleanup to display explorer window
🔹 Do right click on the main directory
🔹 Hit on Properties
🔹 Choose Disk Cleanup

Solutions 7 – Reinstall the Damage Graphics Driver

🔹 Display the Device Manager on your computer
🔹 Discover the Graphics Driver
🔹 Do right-click on it and then choose un-install
🔹 At last restart the system

Hopefully, the above article about How to fix Sage 50 Error 3012 helps you and saves your precious time. If you have any doubts regarding the same error or any other functional issue on another concept, call Sage 50 support number +1888-461-1609. You can do a live chat for an instant answer or drop an email with your question. The team will get in contact with you as soon as possible.