Sage Data Service Unavailability Error

Sage Data Service Unavailability Error 1

Sage 50 accounting software has been recognized as one of the most popular accounting software for any entrepreneur. This software is extremely useful in managing the business and accounts in the most efficient way.  While working on the software, the user may face numerous Sage errors like “Sage Data Service Unavailability Error” etc.

What are the Reasons for Sage Data Service Unavailability Error?

While opening the Sage Account, the subsequent message is visible: The user may face the data server error and they are attempting to access an attribute which is not available:

  • No updating of Sage software
  • The network message is disabled/ corrupted
  • The network server is not constant
  • No use of Mapped Drive
  • The system in use is not mapped as it is not the domain member
  • The system domain name is either dysfunctional or turned off.

At any point in time, the user can contact our Sage 50 Technical Support Number 24*7 +1888-461-1609.

Resolutions Sage Data Service Unavailability Error

The user needs to install the software update on the network server:
Regularly checks updates
To resolve this error, stop the data service
After repairing, restart the computer
The server installation needs to Configure

Total Time: 20 minutes

Solution 1: Install Latest Software Updates

🔹 Ensure the user requires following the below steps:
🔹 The user needs to install the latest software updates on the network server:
🔹 These updates need to be checked frequently for any new version that have latest features
🔹 Next step is that the user needs to stop data services

The computer requires to be restarted and the updated data service needs to be installed:
🔹 Server installation needs to be configured.
🔹 Next step: The user can check the installation of Microsoft .NET 4.5
🔹 For Windows 7 or Vista, the user can start the Programs and Start Control Panel Programs Features
🔹 For Windows 8: Press the Windows key + R and turn on and turn off Windows features
🔹 Now enable Microsoft .NET 4.5
🔹 Now the press the Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the task manager service and right choose the needed service to stop it

Solution 2: The Network Connection is Disabled/Corrupted

🔹 Go on the server and start the pervasive service
🔹 If it does not start, they can uninstall the service
🔹 The user can reinstall the Pervasive standard and perform routine security checks.
🔹 Verify and Check all the permission on the network server
🔹 Offer the needed permissions if not already given.
🔹 The error is probably to fix the latest permissions and installations

Solution 3: The Server is Not Determined Properly

🔹 The user needs to turn off the Antivirus from the Security and Network option
🔹 Install and try the program

Solution 4: Mapped Drive is Not Used

🔹 A mapped network needs to Disconnected
🔹 Remap the drive with all precautions and access rights
🔹 The network server is always ready for use

Solution 5: The Computer Domain Name is also Dysfunctional or Turned off

🔹 The server needs to be pinged with the hostname
🔹 In case the ping fails numerous times, this means that the network connection is broken

Solution 6: The Computer in Use is Not Mapped while it is Not the Domain member

🔹 Verify if the domain is linked to the administrative computer but not the workstation that receives the prompt.

How can I Configure the Data Service on the Server?

There are three ways for a configuration like:

  • The network server holds the data and its copy of Sage Accounts.
  • The server runs and holds the data service.
  • The server holds the data, and a separately installed copy of Sage Accounts of data service.
  • The full configuration of the network server decides which resolution they require to follow to resolve the Sage Data Service Unavailability Error.
  • Before following the resolution steps, the user needs to check how the application and data services are set up on the network server.

In case the user faces any issue related to the error, they can call Sage support number toll-free number Dial +1888-461-1609. We have our professional team of Sage tech experts to handle queries and concerns of all the users. We are available 24*7.