How to import American Express transactions into QuickBooks pro in 2017?

How to import American Express transactions into QuickBooks

If you are struggling to import your banking (American Express) transactions within accounting program then you can do that with the help of OFX file.

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What is OFX file…?

An Open financial exchange is a document format wherein you can safely and securely share your business data with other applications. Thus if you are looking to share your financials with your Quickbooks account then you can do the same with the help of OFX file format. The process of using OFX files is simple, just log into your banking account through their website. Download all the data that you are looking to analyze in the OFX format and upload the same within Quickbooks or any other accounting software you are using.

How to upload your financial data in Quickbooks…?

  1. You would need to start the process by logging into your accounting software.
  2. Navigate to your Quickbooks company file and from the top navigation bar click on the Bank Accounts tab. If you don’t see the options then look out for the option where it says “Import from the credit card.”
  3. Now, this will open up a separate window wherein you will need to upload your American Express transaction file.
  4. Before uploading your file, you would need to select your Bank. Click on it and choose American Express from the options provided.
  5. In order to upload the file, click on the upload button provided.
  6. Now steer through the path where the OFX American Express file is located. Select the file and make an upload.

Why it is important you analyze your financial data…?

By tracking all your financials, you can get a true picture of all your liabilities. It is only after tracking these financials you can plan out your budget and can keep both the expenses and the liabilities at the minimal.

You can even track down all your purchases and from the next month onwards you can plan out accordingly.

With the help of imported data, you can reconcile your transactions with the bank. Thus the verification can be done easily and the loopholes can be tracked down more conveniently.

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