Link a Payment to an Invoice in QuickBooks

If you are facing an issue where your “payments are not matching your invoices and the items” have already been reconciled, then here is what you can do to balance your accounts.

Simply follow the steps:

How to Link your Payments to Invoices in QuickBooks

  • Find the payment items. You would need to alter your income statement to AR.
  • Once you do that, apply all the credit balance to the invoice received. This you can do by following the steps below:
    • Locate the customer’s panel to choose payments received.
    • Under the job field that you find on the left side of the window, click on either the job field or the name field.
    • Here a new pop-up will appear. Select the date from the date field.
    • Now choose the invoice you want to match it to.
    • Now you would need to click on the check box corresponding to the “Apply credits” option.
    • Select the account that which you want to deposit your money.
    • When all is done hit the save button.

Link your Bills to the Corresponding Checks

If you are looking to link up your bills to the checks deposited physically then here is what you will have to do. Here is the biggest problem you might face if you have reconciled the check that you want to link to with all the other entries adjusted. If this is the scenario then you will have to go through the manual hassle of going through every single transaction and rectifying the error first. Only then you will be able to do the link-up. If this is not what you want then simply follow the steps to resolve your issue.

  • Within your QuickBooks Account, locate the company file.
  • Not find out the check option. Click on it and.
  • On a window that will appear, click on the expenses tab. Change your account to AP.
  • Hit the pay bills option and follow the steps below:
    • Under the dialogue box that appears choose to locate vendors tab.
    • From the drop-down option, choose the bills option.
    • This will open up a tab wherein you will be able to select how you make payments for your bills.
    • Herein find an option that says “Assign your check”. Click on the radio button. Now you will be asked to provide a check number that you will then associate with the bills paid.
    • Now select the bill and then choose to select the check pain in favor.
    • Make sure that both the transactions are highlighted at the same time.
    • On the bottom right corner of your screen, you will see that the total of both fields will be shown as zero. This is what we wanted. This would mean that you have not only linked your check with the corresponding bill but have reconciled the items and made necessary adjustments.

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