How to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password?

Entrepreneurs can avoid unapproved review of an organization’s bookkeeping documents by secret key securing the QuickBooks organization record. At the time you overlook your password, you can recover back the same via a security question selected at the time of setup. Let’s look into the steps of how to recover QuickBooks administrator password in a bit more detail.
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In case you are still not able to get access to your record, then you can get in touch with QuickBooks technical support team at 1800-865-4183. QuickBooks proadvisors will then help you fetch back your account.

How to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password?

  1. Go to the accompanying site through Quickbooks Support or simply give a call at 1800-865-4183.
  2. A form has to be filled on the website.
  3. When you submit the form an email will be sent to the email entered in the field.
  4. This email will incorporate a Token number that will be utilized as a part of the approval procedure of resetting the secret key and a connection to a downloadable executable that resets the password.
  5. Open the email and record or duplicate the Token Number.
  6. Tap the connection to the executable.
  7. Once downloaded you will see a layout that requests the Token, Company File Location, Two fields to show the new password key.
  8. Fill out the form and then submit. You will see the Verification Process run and it will inform you of fruitful reset.
  9. Once finished, you will have the capacity to sign into the QuickBooks Company record with the New admin password.

Before Resetting the password, following tips can be applied:

  • Sign in as Administrator, utilizing the login name of SYSADMIN. Leave the secret key clear and then OK.
  • Attempt basic passwords utilized when you try to sign in as SYSADMIN.
  • It is likely that the secret word contains numbers, guarantee NUMLOCK is on.
  • Utilize a word preparing system, for example, Microsoft Word or scratch pad to guarantee that the letters are the right and appropriate case is checked.

How to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password using Recovery Tool?

If you are not able to recover your password and get hold of your account then you can make use of Intuit’s password recovery tool. The tool can be downloaded with the help of following process:

QuickBooks automated password recovery tool

  1. Click on the link to jump on to Intuit’s website.
  2. Fill out the form provided. You would be required to fill all the fields which will include:
    • Your QuickBooks license number.
    • Your first name and last name.
    • Email address,
    • Phone number and
    • Your postal code.
  3. Once provided with all the details, verify the text in the picture and click submit.
  4. You will now be served with the token number and a link to download QuickBooks Automated password recovery tool.
  5. Download the .exe file and run it on your desktop.
  6. Enter the software and provide the token number you received via mail or phone and hit ok.
  7. The tool will go and unlock your account to recover your data from your .QBW doc file.

Please note that this tool only works with Quickbooks 2008 and later. If you are using any previous version then try calling support.

It is easy to fetch your account without loss of data but since these automated tools are only the set of an algorithm which are prone to errors, thus make sure you manage your data proficiently. If you still face errors and don’t know “how to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password” then reach out to QBpro any time of the day. We house, some highly experienced proadvisors to take care of any error that crosses your way.

Thus waste no time and if face issues then connect with us immediately at our toll-free number provided.

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