Redo a Paycheck in QuickBooks: Void and Reissue a Check with Ease

In case, you find yourself stuck, take e.g. a query like how to redo a paycheck in QuickBooks, then you can always get our help. As they say, your life can be a lot easier if you use QuickBooks.

The reason why people favor this accounting program so much is its simplicity and ease of use. Not only entering transactions within the program can be automated but you reduce much on your cost. Thus, knowing QuickBooks can be a lot beneficial for your business if you know how to operate it well.

Why do you Need to Redo a Paycheck in QuickBooks

There can be several reasons why you would need to redo a check, be it a paycheck or any other. Some of the reasons we have covered below:

  • You or your employee lost a paycheck.
  • The check can’t be cashed.
  • Paycheck is no longer valid etc.

Redoing a check, though is easy and involves the same regular steps but there is something that needs to be done. The process involves the steps that you need to follow:

  • Redo a check.
  • Account for the lost check.
  • Void the dummy paycheck.


Before you can reissue a check, don’t forget to call your bank and ask to stop payment. Your bank will ask for the check number, supply the same and you will face no risk.

Steps on How to Redo a Paycheck in QuickBooks

As already said that you will be following multiple steps in order to redo a paycheck in QuickBooks. Thus here is the step-by-step process you would need to follow:

Redo a Check with a different check number

  • Login to your QuickBooks account.
  • Take your mouse to the top navigation panel and click on the employee’s tab.
  • Choose the employee center tab from the drop-down option and you will see the names of all the employees working in your company.
  • Select the name, in favor of whom you would want to redo a check.
  • From the displayed window, choose to select the QuickReports tab. You can locate the said option from the top right corner of your screen.
  • Locate the lost paycheck by selecting the date range.
  • Click the details button. This will open up your paycheck window.
  • Choose the print later option and click on the print/replace tab.
  • Enter the check number as your replacement check and click ok and this completes your search as “how to redo a paycheck in QuickBooks”.

Though we have successfully recreated a check, the process is still not over yet. Continue and balance your registers.

Account for the lost check

Now, that you have redone the check, it’s time to record an entry for the missing check. Since only redoing the check will not suffice as you would need to account for the lost check as well, thus here we will figure out how to record the lost check entry:

  • With your QuickBooks logged in, click on the Banking tab.
  • Choose “write checks” from the drop-down option.
  • You will be asked to choose the bank account. Choose the one you want to use to create the paycheck.
  • Select the employee name in the “Pay to the order of” section. Click on the drop-down button to do the same.
  • Since we are creating a dummy check to account for the lost check, thus choose the same date as used to record the missing check.
  • Supply the dollar amount for the check. This should be the same as the check lost.
  • Uncheck the print later option and provide the missing check number.
  • Select expenses as your preferred category and choose payroll as your subcategory.
  • Click save and exit the window.

Void the dummy check you just created

As the lost check has now been accounted for, you would be required to void the same. This is required to balance your registers. Though recording a void check is no different, still, follow the steps to void your dummy check.

  • Access the use registers tab from the Bankings option.
  • Choose your bank within which you just created a dummy entry.
  • Choose your entry.
  • Click on the edit option and select to void the check.
  • Click save and exit your screen.
  • Your balance should match now.

By following the steps above you have not only redone your paycheck but also voided your old entry to balance your books.

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