How to Ring Up Sale in QuickBooks Point of Sales

Ring Up Sale in QuickBooks Point of Sales

How to Ring Up Sales in QuickBooks Point of Sales?

QuickBooks POS features one of the major features i.e. Ring up Sales. Ringing up sales indicates recording of the transactions in a cash register and to be ready to take the money. With the advent of new technology, the point of sales have shifted drastically from the cash register to digitally recording transactions.

In current time a Point of Sales system comprises barcode scanner, QR code scanner, Debit/Credit Card reader, computer, printer and a cash drawer. You might recognize all of these from any food joint or retail store that you may have visited. Though this simplifies recording transactions, still it cannot analyse the recorded transactions and data.

AskForAccounting that is powered by Revel Systems is the answer to your error. This software is directly connected to the QuickBooks version you are using. It will also link easily with the Pro version which is very suitable for small businesses. The data is synced directly from QuickBooks Point of Sale to QuickBooks and then this data can be used to make reports and perform a drill down analysis.

QuickBooks point of sales has the following features:

  1. Transfer data directly from POS to QuickBooks
  2. Manage inventory
  3. All data at your fingertips as everything is uploaded on the cloud.
  4. Record Transactions even while offline.
  5. Managing Customers.
  6. Spot Trends by Analyzing and Assessing Data
  7. Fast payment with QuickBooks Payments Processing
  8. Easy to learn

Still for analysis you must collect the most amount of data in as little time as you can.

  • For quickly recording transactions click on make a Sale icon or option provided in navigation window.
  • Using Barcode or QR code scanner will aid in recording transactions easily.
  • You can even enter the reference number of the item or use the ‘Quick Pick Items’ option.
  • Adding the quantity of items is also simple.
  • You can even click on the +1 button to increase the quantity.
  • Removing item is also easy. Payment options can also be selected.
  • You can select among Cash, Credit, Debit, Check, Gift and Account.

Discounts can be provided with QuickBooks POS. You can set discounts on particular items or even for particular customers. There is a discount button available in which you can enter the percentage of discount that you might want to provide. You can even give a name to the discount.

There are many other functions like splitting which allows you to divide transaction between two different modes of payments. QuickBooks POS can even maintain your customer list and their preferences. All of this makes QuickBooks POS a desirable software for maintaining sales record and data.

For any doubt or query you can contact QuickBooks customer care support team through different modes like phone support, email support, live chat support. They are approachable and 24*7 available.

Also you can contact QuickBooks Support agencies like They employ highly experienced QuickBooks professionals who are prompt in providing feasible solutions in very short time. Call to the toll free phone support number and garner immediate support.