Show Balance Due on QuickBooks Invoice

Though creating a standard invoice is easy but people often ask how to“show balance due on QuickBooks invoice”. If you are also looking for the said query, then please follow along.

Invoices help you add a more professional look to your business. They brand your business among your clients and help you appear like a huge company. If you are not already making use of invoices then QuickBooks can come in handy. With numerous professionally designed invoice templates available you can make your business appear big. Customizing and creating invoices in QuickBooks is not only easy but time-saving as well.

How to Show Balance Due on QuickBooks Invoice

QuickBooks doesn’t show up the balance due while creating invoices by default, but you need to activate the same within the program. With a few minor changes in the invoice template, you will be able to show the balance due to your clients. Past due figures show a soft reminder to your customers and gently ask them to pay.

Steps to Show Balance Due on QuickBooks Invoice

As said already, to activate the feature, you will be doing little modification within your invoice template. The process is not at all complicated, thus wasting no time further, just follow us.

  • Login to your QuickBooks account.
  • Navigate to your company file and click on the customers.
  • You can find the tab at the top of the navigation bar.
  • A drop-down menu will now appear, choose to create invoices tab from the list.
  • At this point, you would need to find, out how to customize the invoice template so you can make sure what you want.
  • For this, check out how your invoice already appears when printed.
  • You can easily do so by checking out the print preview
  • Once the invoice template is checked, click close and exit the window.
  • Now click on the manage template If you cannot find this already then first select customize tab and then choose to manage templates from the drop-down option.
  • Select the template you would want to customize.
  • Click on the thumbnail and look at the larger view of how the template would appear when printed.
  • Once you have decided on the template, choose OK and this will open up a new invoice.
  • Choose to customize your invoice.
  • QuickBooks as the way it is, allows you to alter or modify every element of your invoice.
  • Thus include or exclude whatever you want and design the template as per your needs. Here the kind of customization you can do is:
    • Adding your logo or changing its existing position.
    • Including the contact info tab.
    • Changing the current appearance of your company.
    • Altering the invoice title.
    • Here you can add or remove any section you want.
    • Want to add a disclaimer field, well you can do that here.
  • Once all the modifications are in place, choose the print or preview tab and you will see the bigger view.
  • If you are satisfied with all the changes made and the way it now appears, choose ok and this will save your template keeping all the changes.

If you have followed the steps in the same order as given, then we are sure that you are now sorted. But in case you are still looking for an answer for “How to show the balance due on QuickBooks invoice” then we request you to talk to QuickBooks support now. Give them a call to get a customized solution.

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