Use QuickBooks for Small Business in 2016

QuickBooks is an Intuit Accounting software solution for small business. It will not be wrong to call it the number one accounting solution for small businesses.

It is very easy to use the software that gives access to all your business transactions and makes it a non-hectic process for you. It is a piece of cake to get started with QuickBooks. Before discussing the features and understanding how to use the software, we need to know how to QuickBooks Download. The software is such a powerful platform that it can help you get over your business problems in the wink of an eye. Let us begin with the installation first.

How to Use QuickBooks for Small Business

  • Close all programs that you must have been working on before thinking to install QuickBooks.
  • You can use the shortcut Alt-4 and close all the running programs
  • Now the installation drive that you have, insert that into your CPU.
  • You will have the file on the system.
  • Double click on the icon and follow the steps as they come your way.
  • Click on Yes if you come across any pop that says Overwrite existing files.
  • After this, click on Next and choose the radio button alongside “More than one user”.
  • Click on Next and Finish.
  • Scan the file.
  • After the set up follows the steps to set up the user id and password.
  • You can add more users by clicking on Add Users.
  • Configure QuickBooks to each system and log in with the admin user id and password.

You are ready to use this super amazing Intuit software that facilitates more work with less investment. Everyone wants that, Right…! Now that you have successfully installed the QuickBooks 2016 application or tool, you may want to know the features that you have the advantage of accessing.

  • What will make you the happiest is that you will have access to your account from any device you use with no problem with integration.
  • You are able to easily track inventory in QuickBooks.
  • Now no more lagged method of funding. With QuickBooks, you are provided fast and efficient funding.
  • You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the software can be connected with most of the applications you use like Shopify, Big-commerce, Square, and some more.
  • You will be in full control of the cash flow and have online or telephonic Consultant from the US anytime you deem necessary.

There are three options that you can take your sweet time to choose from as there is no hurry. Intuit wants you to take the right decision that will benefit you. Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus are the versions available. The prices however may vary.

Some other key features that you can use of QuickBooks are Payroll, E file Taxes, and E Pay. Other than this, there are more mouthwatering features that can’t be ignored at any cost.

Small businesses of independent contractors, a new entry, professional or field services, product sellers, non-profit organizations, and many others that might not be on the list but in the smaller arenas are most likely to be inclined towards this magnetic software. If you further need any assistance related to QuickBooks or any version of it then you can give us a call at QuickBooks consultant.

Speak to a Specialist about Your QuickBooks Software

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We get help you on these QuickBooks accounting topics
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  • Payment Solutions
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  • Printer
  • Tax-Related
  • Data Recovery and many more.

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