Import Chart of Accounts in Sage 50

Import Chart of Accounts in Sage 50

Import Chart of Accounts in sage 50” is pretty easy from a comma-separated value (CSV) file, this can also save you time. If you have a new company with no records or transactions you’re looking to import a chart of accounts from a CSV file.

You can do it easily without giving much time and also save your valuable time rather than amending each and every ledger account individually.

How Does Chart of Accounts work in Sage 50?

This eliminates all ledger accounts when you import your Chart of Accounts and replaces them with the ledger accounts in your import tab. If you include them in your import tab, you can change the Control Accounts nominal code as well as the ledger name. If you don’t include these, your system creates them automatically as these are mandatory accounts.

Important note: To import the Chart of Accounts in Sage 50, you must structure the information in a particular way and must be in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file format.

How to Import Chart of Accounts in sage 50

Once you created a CSV file in the correct or exact format as mentioned below then it is easy now to import the Chart of Accounts in sage 50. Here are the steps involved.

Step 1: Go to Chart of Accounts

  • The very first step is to go to Settings and then click on Chart of Accounts.

Step 2: Select the “New Ledger Account”

  • Next, select the “New Ledger Account” arrow and then click on Import Accounts.

Step 3: Click window + Upload Data File

  • Moving ahead, you have to click the window + Upload Date File.
  • You can inside the Import open window.

Step 4: Browse and Click on the CSV File

  • After that browse and click on the CSV file.
  • Once you’re done with that then click on Open.
  • In the final step, you have to click on the Ok button.

Important Rules Involved in Importing Chart of Accounts

Make sure that row 1 contains a reliable column heading in your CSV file. Along with that, you have to use the same heading as shown in the column of the field name. The format should like as below:

Sr No. Column Field Name Rules
1 Nominal Code It can be up to 8 numeric character and each code must be unique.
2 Ledger Name Maximum Length Should be 200 Characters
3 Control Account Such ledger accounts can be modified with various numbers / names but should not be deleted if populated and include a correct account name for control./If you pick either BANK CURRENT or BANK CASH control accounts with the category as BANK you can create a bank account found in the section Banking.
4 Category It must have a reliable category such as Sales, Other_Income, Direct_Expenses, Overheads, Depreciation, Current_Assets, Fixed_Assets, Bank, Current_Liability, Future_Liability, Equity
5 Tax Rate It must have a reliable VAT rate including UK – Standard, Exempt, Lower, No VAT, and Zero.

If any case issues appear when trying to import your data file, an error message appears to give details on why the import failed or it didn’t happen. The team is highly experienced in rectifying any sage-related errors or issues. As the service is available 24*7 so you are free to approach any time.

For further inquiries or still need any help related to how to import a chart of accounts in Sage 50, you can easily contact Sage 50 technical support toll-free help desk number. You can also approach them via dropping an email at this email address or do a live chat with the Sage helpdesk team.

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