Import an Excel File into QuickBooks Point of Sale Software

In this article, you read how to “Import an Excel File into QuickBooks Point of Sale“. There will be many users who would love to import all the inventory, client, or customer data into QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is a leading software in the accounting market at the present time. It can make many complicated tasks easier to handle and complete in an accurate manner. Whether the organization is a new startup or a well-established business house, software like QuickBooks can be very useful for companies of all domains.

Steps for Importing an Excel File into QuickBooks Point of Sale Software

QuickBooks POS is an accounting solution that helps in tracking inventory and sales of small business houses. Microsoft Excel aids in creating a financial tracking system from the initial stages. QuickBooks Point of Sale helps in replacing the cash register. Follow these steps for importing.

  • The user needs to go to the QuickBooks menu bar and click on File.
  • The Utilities have to be clicked from the drop-down menu.
  • Then Import has to be clicked to launch the Data Import Wizard and then go to Next.
  • There will be an options button that matches the kind of data in the Excel spreadsheet.
  • These options are normally customers, vendors, and inventory items.
  • If the Excel spreadsheet has vendor-related items, choose a vendor, and so on. Go to Next
  • There will be an options tab- customs file that can enhance the flexibility while the translating takes place. Go to Next.
  • Select ‘Browse’. Go to the Excel WorkBook.
  • There will be a drop-down box with the title ‘Data is on Sheet’.
  • Choose the sheet that needs to be imported.
  • Type in the number in the place which says ‘Data starts on Row’. For example, if it’s your Excel’s first row that contains titles, type in 2.
  • Then go to ‘File mapping and select’ to unlock the Mappings dialog box.
  • This box has fields for the QuickBooks spreadsheet and asks you to choose accordingly.
  • Check out the drop-down option.
  • This you can find in the import data field.
  • Go to ‘Save’ to shut the Mappings dialog box.
  • Go to Next twice for opening the final screen.
  • Select Import.

In case the user is not able to completely understand how to import an excel file into QuickBooks Point of Sale and import data from Microsoft dynamic POS to QBPOS software even after following the above steps.

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