Intacct vs QuickBooks Comparison

In this article, you read which is the best accounting software for your small or medium-sized businesses Sage Intacct vs Quickbooks. Read the What’s the difference between Sage Intacct and QuickBooks (Desktop or Online).

Know what’s the Key Features of Intacct vs QuickBooks


It is also an accounting platform that was developed by the company called Intuit. This program was mainly developed keeping medium and small business entrepreneurs in mind. Soon after its innovation, the product went viral because of its ease of use and user-friendly interface. Now it is being used in every industry be it at the manufacturing level or retail, dental industry, or fashion.


It is the accounting software provider that provides all the finance management-related services on the cloud. The company headquarters is in California. David Thomas, who invented this revolutionary software in the year 1999 soon became worldwide famous for his work. One of the most amazing facts about Intacct is that it derived its name from “Internet + accounting”. Though it is one of the most crucial pieces of software that was invented to revolutionize accounts still it doesn’t stand clear with QuickBooks. The most important factor that makes it less buyable is its price. It is highly expensive and costs more than $400 on a per month basis.

Main key points Intacct vs QuickBooks (Compare)

FeaturesIntacct accounting softwareQuickBooks accounting software
Allow dashboard activityNoYes
Can you generate a Balance sheet report?NoYes
Can you create your interface?NoYes
Used byEnterprise-levelSmall and medium-sized businesses
Do you see cash flow statementsNoYes
Can you do cash managementYesYes
Consultant Check printingNoYes
Do they allow you to sync the software with other tools?YesNo, As it is sufficient in itself. And a small business enterprise will not require anything more than the software itself.
Can you create custom fields?NoYes, This helps you to better analyze your data.
Can you import and export your data to and from Excel or other sources?YesNo, as it is not at all required.
Can you import and export your data to and from Excel or other sources.No,Yes. This makes your life a lot easier.
Can you integrate your Cell phone into the software?NoYes.

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