Integrate QuickBooks with Multiple Sales

Integrate QuickBooks with Multiple Sales

When we talk about the web stores, market places or physical stores, these companies sell products and services through several channels. These companies usually face difficulty in handling the transaction shuffle. Transaction shuffle indicates post order information, shipping information, inventory update that involves plenty of time of the user.

Maximum time is spent in fixing errors that hampers these sales channels due to huge labor costs that is assembled while managing them accumulated while trying to manage them. For successful QuickBooks Integration with multiple sales there are options recommended that is not difficult and expensive. You just have to go through the options to integrate your QuickBooks with your e-Commerce, point-of-sale (POS) system or online marketplace based companies. You need understand and then make a choice that will determine the success of your business.

Options for QuickBooks Integration

The integration options helps to move the sales data smoothly within the application. The options are:

  • Custom development
  • Packaged point-to-point solutions
  • Multiple channel integration platforms

Custom Development

With the custom development option you can get exactly the way you want. You are authorized to customize to your business needs. Customization of the business requirements plays an important role in case you are running a highly unique business model or product. But for the custom development option most of the companies ends up costing way as it is more than any other solution option. You are connected with the person who has created it that makes you liable. Also with the quick transforming market needs and updates it is quite difficult as well as expensive to maintain customized development.

Packaged Point-to-Point Solutions

On choosing this the packaged point-to-point solution you get connected between QuickBooks application and one other system (such as: Magento eCommerce, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, or Amazon.) This option is pocket friendly as well as quick. This option is best recommended for those companies that has that sell through a single channel and don’t plan on selling through any other channel. Problems crop up when you choose ebay as the selling platform. You need to buy a new point-to-point solution. The new point-to-point solution is restricted to connect with the existing point-to-point solution bought and things gets messed.

Multiple Channel Integration Platforms

This integration option is very easy to install and comes with easy usable features. These systems are typically cloud-based so there is no software investment. You just have to pay monthly subscription fee. The major services are managing item uploads, orders, shipping information and inventory.

With the existing core services, these solutions have few other connections to popular accounting or ERP packages (like QuickBooks) as well as connections to multiple sales channels like: POS systems, eCommerce providers and marketplaces. They allow you to choose the desired connections suitable for your business. So you have QuickBooks for accounting, Microsoft Dynamics RMS for your POS, Shopify strengthening your web store, and sell on Amazon. The main benefit if this option is that it gives you authority to choose connectors to fit your business.

For more information you can connect with QuickBooks customer support team. The support team can be contacted through toll free phone number, email support and live chat option. Else you can choose other QuickBooks support agencies like AskForAccounting that employs highly qualified and trained QuickBooks professionals who will help you to suggest the right option for integration of QuickBooks with multiple sales. Call to the toll free phone support number and acquire instant support.