Intuit® QuickBooks Point of Sale Experts Help-Desk

There are specific attributes in a particular class of industries which makes it imperative if not compulsory for them to garner aid from Point of Sale software. Keeping track of these industries, Intuit came out with QuickBooks Point of Sale Software. A complete solution that can manage stock, help in completing financial tasks like generating purchase and sale reports along with calculating required taxes. The software has garnered the reputation of being one of the most agile, and accurate software and subsequently been endorsed by many accountants and bookkeepers. Its additional services like smooth integration with third party programs and software like accounting software. It is beneficial with Payroll software as well as QuickBooks Point of Sale software helps in easy tracking of hours covered by employees.

QuickBooks POS Software Frequently Faced Problems :

Apart from being easily integrated with other programs, the software is also outfitted with top notch tools and powerful features which embedded in the user friendly and intuitive dashboard makes for explosive software. However, just like all the other superior quality of software, even QuickBooks point of Sale software can run into trouble. Some are rare in occurrence while others can aggrieve the users on regular basis. Some of the common problems faced by the users of QuickBooks Point of Sale are as follows:

  • User is unable to locate the application and also fail to open company data
  • Issue in connecting QuickBooks Point of Sale Workstation to Data File.
  • Company data got renamed or deleted without user intervention.
  • Date files located under Server Workstation is different.
  • Wrong configured Network leads to non-connectivity issue.
  • Restrictive settings of Firewall is causing blockage in connecting with the software.

One of the best ways to the get these issues stated above or any other problem related to QuickBooks POS software resolved without risking any malfunction is to contact the certified professional team of QuickBooks POS setup by Intuit after careful research and providing intensive training to the selected in-house technical experts. The training ensures that the experts are aware how to physically resolve the error while extensive knowledge regarding the ongoing process of the software is provided in order to tune them how each tool and feature works.

Simple Methods To Connected with Expert-Team :

  • Phone Expert help-desk:Aggrieved customer of QuickBooks POS software can call on the Toll Free Number of Intuit or QuickBooks customer Expert help-desk and garner appropriate help from the company representative after informing them about the error in full detail.
  • Email and Live Chat:The second most opted way of informing the customer care team about the error is either by shooting the email or going on website and getting live chat Expert help-desk from appropriate technical expert handling the Expert help-desk
  • Intuit Community:This community set up by Intuit is the member only community of the users of Intuit products like QuickBooks Accounting, Payroll and POS software users etc. The users in this community can pose questions or queries regarding their product or an error faced by them which will be consequently answered by the company representative.

The above ways ensure that the solution user gets are provided by technically sound POS expert. However, there are certain steps which the user will have to perform on their own.

Few Steps that has to be performed by own :

  • User is unable to locate the application and also fail to open company data:Before following the steps prescribed by the POS technician the user will need to sign in to their system through Administrator login credentials to enter Windows Administrator server.
  • Issue in connecting QuickBooks Point of Sale Workstation to Data File:User can manually resolve this issue by following listed instructions:
    • First close the QuickBooks Point of Sale software
    • Restart the server on which the software is installed.
    • Once the server is loaded completely restart the client’s work server.
    • Now try to start the QuickBooks POS on the server of the client which should foster a connection of the software on the client’s server on its own
  • Company data got renamed or deleted without user intervention: Get the complete list of Server Workstation or data files present on your network and choose the correct data or server and, then click OK. The client work station will get connected to the same data.
  • Date files located under Server Workstation is different:Here, you need to open the correct company data present on the Server and select with the data that you have opened currently. Here, you can also have a live ProAdvisors technical Expert help-desk for QuickBooks to deal with these issues.
  • Misconfigured Network leads to non-connectivity issue:Check the cables of your network for clients and server Workstations. An improper configuration can cause system to work roughly which results in falling of the capability of the server Point of Sale along with other service request. In this situation, you need to call on QuickBooks help number to get perfect solutions.
  • Restrictive settings of Firewall is causing blockage in connecting with the software: In this condition, you get the frequent message from the firewall. Here, you need to check the settings of the firewall and also need to sign in to your Windows as the Administrator user.

Get Connected with our QB certified Expert team for any instant support and help :

There are times when the connection to the customer Expert help-desk team of QuickBooks or Intuit is too loaded resulting in long wait. Considering the tasks processed by the QuickBooks Point of Sale software, waiting for long is not recommended. Thus to avoid delay the users can connect with us either the Toll Free Number +1-800-274-4168 or on our website – We hold a long list of satisfied customer clientele who can be contacted to vouch for our accuracy and authenticity in dealing with QuickBooks Point of Sale.