Line 121 TurboTax: Interest and other investment income


Hey, now breathe easy during the tax season with the TurboTax tax preparation software. The software is incorporated with strong features that have been taken care-off within TurboTax. If you have the employment earning to be accounted for, then it is to be reported in Line 101 and if you have interest from foreign dividends then the same should be reported in line 121 TurboTax.

The program is highly intuitive and takes care of everything related to your taxes. The biggest benefit of the software is that it is well defined keeping in mind the different industry requirements. Here is the list of TurboTax versions developed by Intuit.

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If you don’t already know what these different versions are and how they help then read this.

Line 121 – Interest and other investment income

TurboTax allows different lines to meet different purposes very easily. Line 121 TurboTax is one of them that refers to the foreign interest and dividends. When you receive any amount of foreign interest or dividend income which is supposed to be accounted in Canadian dollars, then it is recommended to get the exchange rate for the day you received your income.

In case you receive the income part wise during different times of the year, you have to consider the rate fixed as yearly basis.


You can learn more about the average rates on the regular or month-wise basis by landing to the official web page of Bank of Canada.

In such circumstance, you need to address on Line 121 for the amounts you received as foreign dividends. Foreign dividends amounts are not eligible for the dividend tax credit. For the payment of the foreign tax amounts in the form of interest or dividend income, you have authorized to plea a foreign tax credit. This should be done while calculating the federal (you can view on line 405) and provincial/territorial taxes ( you can view in Form 428). There is no need of deducting the taxes from your income when you address it.

In case you are owing an interest amount in a foreign investment entity or any policy, then you are supposed to report that income. In case you are seeking more information on the same you can connect with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

In case you are a shareholder in a foreign business organization and you are entitled to certain shares then there is no requirement of reporting that income. Again you can contact the CRA for further information.

How to Enter a Negative Amount on Line 121?

Line 121 TurboTax is for Interest or any Investment made from Schedule 4. For entering a negative amount you need to check if it is a negative number. Actually, the income should not be a negative number.

Breakdown of Line 121

Many users face issues in looking for the possible solution to this simple problem:

How to get a breakdown of line 121 to ensure if the tax credit, losses, and Income have been reported correctly?


After the successful payment of the return, you can get the preview of the complete return that has been made. It is very convenient to view the entire return, form by form. Follow the suggested steps:

  • Click the Review Tab.
  • Then select Bottom Line Tax Summaries.
  • Go to the page and click “Review the T1 General” displayed at the bottom left of that screen.
  • You can preview each form individually. The breakdown of the amounts entered and transferred in the respective fields can also be reviewed on the same screen.

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