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TurboTax is a popular tax preparation software and is widely accepted because of its potential features and different versions. You can use the software for literally anything related to the taxes. Not only you can file taxes with ease but it also helps you claim refunds as well. Have non-refundable tax credits…! Well, just use “Turbotax line 236” and you will be all sorted.

The program helps you in different ways with its different versions specifically designed for different niches. If you are still not aware of its different types then here they are:

  • Federal Free (for simple tax returns),
  • Deluxe (for maximum tax deductions & credits),
  • Premier (for investments and rental property) &
  • Self Employed (for personal & business income and expenses).

Choosing the right TurboTax software determines the success of your business. So check the different versions prior making your final purchase. The software allows you to calculate federal tax credits that is a very important task of the business. The below article details about the Line 236.

What is Line 236 TurboTax?

Line 236 refers to the net income that used to determine non-refundable tax credits related to federal & provincial taxes. The net income is also used to calculate the amounts such as:

  • Benefits given to a Canadian child (In case you are married).
  • The GST/HST credit,
  • The repayment of social benefits, and certain credits.

Within TurboTax this is done by entering the net income of your spouse in the provided field. You can find this on the first page of your return in case if it applies.

Please note: You also have to report this amount even in case it is of zero value.

If the total amount that needs to be calculated for Turbotax line 236 is negative, then you may experience a non-capital loss. This simply means loss incurred from employment, property or a business. It is quite similar to Line 252 and you can get the detailed information over the same.

How to Complete your Tax Return?

What you can claim on line 236 TurboTax is the directly result of the total amount from Line 150. This amount should be deducted from the authorized deductions that are claimed on Lines from 207 through 235.

How to Calculate Line 236 or Net Income?

Inorder to calculate line 236, your Total Income has to be deducted from:

  • Exploration and development expenses.
  • Other employment expenses.
  • Clergy residence deduction.
  • Other deductions.
  • Social benefits repayment.
  • RRSP/PRPP deduction.
  • Child care expenses.
  • Disability supports deductions.
  • Business investment loss.
  • Moving expenses.
  • Support payments made.
  • Carrying & interest expenses.
  • Split-pension amount.
  • Annual, professional or like dues.
  • Child care benefits.
  • CPP/QPP deduction.

How to find out Line 236?

In case you are searching for Line 236 you need to follow certain steps:

  • Go to review taxes button.
  • Find the PDF that is available to print.
  • Print the PDF.
  • When you move to the bottom you can find line 236. Line 236 is used to illustrate or describe your net income.

How to get the Net Income Amount (Line 236)?

In case you want to find out the Net Income Amount then go through the steps below:

  • Login to your TurboTax account and choose to click on the intro button.
  • Click on the personal information tab and supply the required details.
  • Now click on the spouse option and you will see the exact page that is required.
  • The total net income field will appear below.

What if you can’t find Line 236?

If you are not able to obtain line 236 within your TurboTax account then you would be required to find the detailed tax summary report. This will give you all the necessary info. also present within line number 236. To gain access to the summary report, follow the steps below:

  • There comes a scenario that in case the Line 236 TurboTax does not appear what is supposed to be done. In general, line 236 cite to the Income, which also is a part of the T1 form.
  • You are authorized to access the detailed federal tax summary under the “Review” tab. Here click on the “Bottom Line (tax summaries)”
  • Search the paper and magnifying glass icon in the lower left and select “Detailed tax summary”.

This completes what line 236 is all about. Thus today we covered:

  • What line 236 TurboTax is,
  • Where it is to be found and what to do when not located,
  • How to calculate line 236 and more:

Thus, if you feel like that you demand more info then don’t hesitate to connect with us. The customer support team at Askforaccounting.com comprise of efficient TurboTax experts who are experienced and knowledgeable in handling the errors and queries. They assure prompt and complete support related to TurboTax software.

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