How to Merge Duplicate Inventory Items in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Point of Sale is one of the crucial softwares which allows its users to build up a strong system in terms of analysis, strategy and efficiency. Inventory management is one of the core features of QuickBooks point of sale. Under inventory management a user can connect its inventory to various stores or warehouses and also prepare analysis reports for each item in the inventory. It further classify the inventory under various segments which depicts the quality and quantity of the product and also prepares the item list which is most sold to the least sold items which is further sorted with the area analytics.

Inventory management in point of sale system is loaded with significant features. However, there are times when there are certain issues which cannot be easily fixed. Inventory system is also prone to certain issues which are not recognized by the point of sale system and one such is the classification of duplicate item in the inventory.

Merging the duplicate inventory items:

 In case of a duplicate item in your stock you have to merge the items manually to get it settled. The process of merging the product is effortless and simple.

Merging 2 items:

  • In the Lists select Items List.
  • Check for the items which are duplicate, then keep the item name you want to retain.
  • Double click on the product which has to be merged. A pop up visual will appear which is lets you edit the item.
  • Fill in the item name or the item number which has to be merged.

Note: to avoid any errors you can copy and paste the noted details during the second step.

  • Select
  • A warning message will be displayed on the screen. Select Yes and your new settings will be saved.

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QuickBooks POS is significant direct sales software and within the point of sale system, inventory management is one of the most essential features. However, everything under technology is prone to some kind of error which can be logical. The duplicity of inventory items is one such concern which has to be given a manual treatment. In case you come across any concern you can contact our customer support team at 1-800-274-4168.

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