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Configure POS to Migrate Data to QuickBooks on New Computer

by askfor askfor 10 Comments

Do you use Point of Sale on one computer and QuickBooks on another? Do you end up spending all of our time in juggling between systems in order to use the software? If you are fed up of all this, why don’t you consider configuring Point of Sale to transfer data to QuickBooks on a […]

Restore Data Files using QuickBooks POS

by askfor askfor 2 Comments

Creating a backup up of your QuickBooks Point of Sale company file is always a good idea. There are can be various reasons as to why you want to create backup of your files. However, backing up should be always done prior to making any major changes to your files. This will enable you to […]

Unable to Connect my QB POS App. What to do?

by askfor askfor No Comments

  Do you have an account on Shopify but are unable to connect it with your QuickBooks Point of Sale online? With the newly launched QuickBooks online app for Shopify, now you wont have to spend all of your precious time in manually downloading or tallying order information How QuickBooks online can help merchants? By […]

QuickBooks Messenger: How to disable it from QuickBooks POS.

by askfor askfor No Comments

QuickBooks Messenger: How to turn it off? Are you looking for support to somehow turn off the QuickBooks Messenger feature from your QuickBooks financial data management software? Or do you want to disable the QuickBooks Messenger feature? Look no further; you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you detailed […]

Integrate QuickBooks Point Of Sale with your Windows 10.

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Combination of Windows 10 and QuickBooks 2016 can help take your business to a completely new level. Reason being- both the softwares are latest in technology. However, in order to get the best out of both the software, it is very important to check that they are compatible with each other and can be integrated […]

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