QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool: 2 Steps will answer all your query


While QuickBooks has been one of the best accounting software available in the market it also causes issues. Many customers have complained that there have been issues with the functioning of PDF and printing. If you are one among them then “PDF Repair Tool QuickBooks” is what you will need.

The issues are caused since QuickBooks run on operating system platform and the issues can be within the platform drivers and utilities. When faced with such issues Repair Tool is what will save you. With that said, lets just figure out what it is and how to use it.

QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool: Problems that can be solved

QuickBooks PDF repair Tool
  • There is a problem connecting printer. Microsoft XPS Document writer on XPS port is creating issues.
  • Could not print to printer.
  • Error: QuickBooks can’t complete your command due to a missing component: Missing PDF file component.
  • QuickBooks is not responding.

In case you are facing issues given then it is highly suggested that you run the QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair tool to rectify the issue. But before you follow the next steps on how to use PDF and Print repair Tool makes sure that you QuickBooks is up to date with its latest version.

Step 1: Update your Windows

  • Update the windows software
  • Run the command
  • Type Windows update
  • Next click and check if Windows have been updated
  • If Windows needs to be updated, then we suggest you update it and then restart the computer so that the updates have been installed properly
  • Try and check the task that you initiated previously and if it is successful. If not then go to the next step.

Step 2: Download QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool

It is recommended that you download the print and PDF repair tool the minute you encounter any of these above issues.

Please note:

This should be done with utmost care as it involves some technical steps that needs to be fulfilled. If not done correctly then you may end up loosing your company’s data. If you don’t wanna risk your financials then give us a call and let our ProAdvisors handle this situation.

  • Download the Print and PDF Repair Tool.
  • After completing the download do make sure that you have closed all the other applications and programs on your computer.
  • Now run the application in administrator mode
  • After this you will see that the application will run with a red background. That is natural so do not panic, nothing is wrong with your computer or the application.
  • After this Print and PDF Repair Tool will let you know exactly where the problem is.
  • Now restart the computer after completing the running of the tool
  • Also you must ensure that your PDF and printer are up to date
  • Now try to do the same task that showed the error initially. If you are giving a printing job do ensure that when you give the print command the printer is printing out of QuickBooks.

Reach us:

If you are still looking for PDF Repair Tool QuickBooks then, check if other PDF file is having the same issue or just that file. If it is only that file then save it in another format and try to do the same task you wanted to perform when the error message was shown. Also if there is a printing issue, try to print the PDF document in smaller sections. Try to see if you are facing the same problem when you are trying to print other documents or PDF file.

If you are facing problem with only that particular file then it must be damaged. If not, then use the above steps to rectify it. If the problem persists then contact via QuickBooks support and let our ProAdvisor assist you over phone.