Physical Inventory Scanner QuickBooks POS. How to install it?

QuickBooks Point of Sale Physical Inventory Scanner is one of the safest and seamless ways of tracking and recording the product inventories of the business. This hardware basically deals with physical stock rather than the services. The QuickBooks POS scanner is quite handy as it is portable and can easily scan barcodes by moving around the store, type in the quantities of the same and put back the device in its holder, rather than getting stuck in one place. This helps to record and upload all the required inventory data in QuickBooks POS system.

Below we have listed steps to setup and install the scanner in simple steps:

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Physical Inventory Scanner Setup:
    1. The power wire comes with two plug ends, of which one end goes into the cradle of the hardware and the other into the source of power.
    2. Now attach the correct end of the USB cable with that of the Physical Inventory Scanner cradle.
    3. Now insert the battery (Li-ion category) into the scanner and turn on the device followed by connecting it with the cradle by plugging into it.

Note: The recharging battery pack of the scanner is of lithium-ion specification. In order to recharge the scanner and its battery, user has to keep the device tucked in with the cradle and the power wire of the cradle plugged in with power source.

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Physical Inventory Scanner Installation: To install the software successfully follow the points instructed below:
    1. First put in the POS CD that you received into your system’s drive for CD-ROM. If prompted to launch the wizard for installation click on Cancel option.
    2. Point of Sale Launching – To run this setup, user will need to choose the option labeled Setup Wizard from the menu displayed under File tab.
    3. A list of instructions will be displayed in new window, follow it to the ’T’. Once prompted then attach the Physical Inventory Scanner with the system.

For more details regarding swift setup and installation process of QuickBooks Point of Sale Physical Inventory Scanner you can also connect with us via Live Chat option from our website – or Toll Free Number – 1-800-274-4168.

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