5 Questions for CPAs Considering QuickBooks Premier Hosting

The CPAs want to get the best performance of the software so it is recommended for them to host on the cloud. It helps them in having great features and quality work performed at a lower price. The QuickBooks Premier is the best solution to get high performance with the best benefits running by many of the users in the world.

Here are the “important 5 questions for CPAs considering QuickBooks Premier Hosting“:

What do you Mean by QuickBooks Premier Cloud Hosting and What is it Working?

The QuickBooks Premier Cloud hosting is the installation of the QuickBooks Premier Desktop version on the cloud. You get its access from remote access or the web browser from all the locations as it is hosted on the Remote data center. The users who are authenticated can only access the QuickBooks Premier hosting files and other information without getting it installed on the local system.

Working on the QuickBooks Premier Hosting:-

● The copy of the QuickBooks Premier with licensed is also installed on the remote server of the hosting provider
● The QuickBooks Premier functionalities, features, and the interface is similar to the QuickBooks Premier Desktop version
● The provider of the cloud make sure that only authenticated user can get access to the cloud server using the security measures
● With all the important configurations the access to the server is given to the software users
● For making a connection between the server and the end-user the web browser or remote desktop protocol is used by the cloud service provider
● The changes done in the cloud are saved automatically and the changes are only viewed by the authorized users of the QuickBooks Premier Cloud hosting.

Can a Small firm is able to host the QuickBooks Premier on the Cloud Server?

You can easily afford the QuickBooks Premier hosting as it has many features with low prices and high compatibility with CPAs. The ways are as follows:-

● Many of the CPA firms have a low budget and owing the server is a big burden in case of finances, so, the Cloud-based QuickBooks Premier saves a lot of money because all the tools are owned by the providers that are used for hosting the applications. It helps a lot for small business owners.
● The different storage and backup devices are used by most of the firms of CPA for storing the data. If it is done with the cloud-hosting then the cost of all these different devices is saved and at the time of requirement, you can easily get data from a single place in a short time. So, it costs you less.
● For the in-house server, the CPA needs the IT staff for server setup, managing issues, and updating the software. But if you have QuickBooks Premier cloud-hosting then you don’t need IT, or staff, for doing all this stuff because all these things are done by the provider of cloud storage.

Why QuickBooks Premier Hosting can be used by a CPA firm?

QuickBooks Premier Hosting provides many features and benefits to the CPA firm and also makes the most of the software and also increases their potential. The benefits are as follows:-

● Collaboration- It is one of the other features that you get in the hosting. You can easily work on the same file with other users irrespective of their devices and locations. It is beneficial when you are working with your accountant, employee, or colleague on the same file.
● Security- There are many causes of theft and stolen so, your data is saved with the QuickBooks Premier Hosting if you get into this situation. On the hosting, the data is more secure in comparison to a local hard disk or drive. You can access the data using the ID and password as the data is stored on the remote servers.
● Access anywhere, anytime- The CPAs can access their data files at any point of time from anywhere. Also able to run the reports and look up the data and information all the time.

Do you think that QuickBooks Premier hosting is better than QuickBooks Premier Online?

There is a difference between QuickBooks premier online and QuickBooks Premier hosting. The difference includes the 3 things that are Features, Accessibility, and price.

● The QuickBooks Premier Hosting provides more solutions to the CPAs who do work fast and effectively. The hosting needs not to change anything in your current version of the QuickBooks desktop as it is easy for CPAs to adopt it.

● The QuickBooks Premier online has many great features with drawbacks like navigational issues, an increase in pricing, long waiting time for Consultant, and CPAs not being able to adapt it easily according to their business processes.

● So, the QuickBooks Premier hosting is better than the QuickBooks Premier online.

What are the ways to check that the provider of QuickBooks Premier hosting is best?

Make a partnership with the great cloud hosting provider for accessing the QuickBooks Premier on the cloud. Make sure that the provider must have a state-of-the-art data center with full security if not then you get many issues in the results. Here is the checklist mentioned below to be sure for covering all the bases before choosing the provider. The checklist is as follows:-

● Authorization Standards- Most cloud providers have great and high standards for showing adherence to the industry’s best practices and standards. It is recommended to you for having the Authorized QuickBooks Premium Hosting provider.
● Security- Also, check all the security measures that a cloud provider is offering and having. Data safety is more important than anything else.
● Pricing Structure- You have to check the price of this that is offered by the provider. With this, you get to know whether there is any hidden fee or not. You have to take the hosting who gives an economical and transparent solution with full quality.
● Reviews- Must check the reviews of the cloud service provider to get to know the things about it. You get useful and trustworthy information from the reviews of their clients about the price, hosting, quality, and others.
● Avail free trial- After deciding from whom to buy the hosting then get the free trial so that you get to know about their services and their quality. If you like it then only go further to buy it with the best package quality of server hosting.
● Downtime- The downtime is certain, it happens in all servers with all providers. You don’t have to expect perfection. You have to check how the providers deal with such a situation as the dealing is more important than the problem.
● Consultant to the clients- Customer Consultant must be available all the time whenever required. This is the best service that is available in your package. In this, you can resolve all the functional or technical issues by connecting with the staff members who are experts with many years of experience. So, you must get to know what type of Consultant they are providing.

Above, you get the information for the 5 questions for CPAs considering QuickBooks Premier Hosting.

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