QuickBooks POS Card Reader

QuickBooks POS Card Reader

In current harsh, competitive business world, making and earning profit can be quite difficult. While doing any sort of business, it is very tough to trust anyone, especially while taking payments. That is why, it is very important to have an option or system via which you can take payments for your goods or services straightaway on the spot. It is the best option to collect payment on the spot is to consider Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale. In this article you read about “QuickBooks POS Card Reader“.

It comes equipped with the most up to date payment technology that assist you to take payment right on the spot through credit/debit card. Intuit is the one of the most convenient and trustworthy payment solutions for all kinds of businesses. And in order to assist you to get paid through credit card or debit card on your QuickBooks POS system, it is important for you to know to how to get started. Some sort of errors stop business process run, in this you can always ask for QuickBooks support related to POS. You can even dial for help at our Toll Free No.

Here’s How to Get Started Accepting Credit and Debit Cards:

  • Select your payment processing service provider.
  • According to the type of business you have, the processor will help you set up a merchant account.
  • Decide how will you accept credit card.
  • As you swipe the card, the submitted information will be instantly sent to your processor. (You can ether swipe the card or type the details of your card in your Intuit payment processing solution.
  • Now the processor will ask you to provide the payment brand of your card, like Visa® or MasterCard.
  • After that the payment brand will send request to the bank.
  • The bank that issued the card now will either approve or decline the transaction and inform the cardholder accordingly.
  • The payment brand will send the response to the processor.
  • The processor will now send the response to you.
  • And the card will approve, decline, or refer for purchase.

Meanwhile, the bank that issued the card will forward the money through the credit card network to your bank account (in approximately 2-4 business days). But no matter, whether you use a credit card machine, QuickBooks, or a mobile credit card reader, there are a few common steps that every credit card transaction involves.

Important Points to Remember:

Every step involved should be done without utmost attention in order to avoid committing any kind of problem.

  • Know about all kinds of fees, charges, rules, as well as regulations mentioned in the agreement of your merchant account.
  • Avoid duplicate transactions.
  • Never set minimum or maximum limits on your transactions.
  • Also, don’t offset the cost of accepting credit cards by putting a usage fee for credit card transactions.
  • Never display full account numbers on your receipts.
  • Know about the fraud screening products and services, which can help you.
  • Use the right accounts for your business.
  • Don’t run your personal credit card via your merchant account.
  • Never split a transaction into smaller transactions.
  • Prioritize customer issues.

But, what if you face a technical error while taking payment through Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale system? What if your QuickBooks POS denies accepting the credit card at the last moment? If you are not able to take payment through your QuickBooks POS system, you needn’t worry. We at AskForAccounting can provide comprehensive technical support service to analyze and troubleshoot any kind of technical glitch that you might experience.

Why Technical Assistance by AskForAccounting

We at AskForAccounting understands the fact that getting paid faster from your customers means a lot for your business, and QuickBooks Point of Sale comes equipped with various features and solutions that can assist you to calculate your payment faster.

But what if at some point of time, you experience any kind of problem related to QuickBooks Point of Sale system? Your business will come to a halt, you wont be able to focus on the core of your business, it would get really difficult to drive sales and make customers- in worst cases. While doing a business, it is absolutely impossible for you to experience any kind of technical problem. That’s why, the QuickBooks Point of Sale support technical experts at AskForAccounting provide unparalleled technical support services, which includes:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of the QuickBooks POS problem
  • Step-by-step solution to fix the problem
  • Quick support so that you can resume your business within no time

So whenever you face technical error on your QuickBooks POS system, just call technical experts at AskForAccounting and get efficient solution right on the spot.