QuickBooks Contractor 2019 Features

QuickBooks Contractor 2019 Features

QuickBooks Contractor is a specific edition of QuickBooks made available in the market. The QuickBooks Contractor edition provides various services to the construction sector of the market.

A reliable source of tracking time for Vacation and Sick but the feature is only available if you have an active subscription to QuickBooks Payroll. It has always been one of the biggest problems that can now be easily compensated with the features of QuickBooks Contractor 2019. A warning message pops-up to you when your employees get too much of the sick leaves.

It has a new tracking format through which the employee gets to know about the Accrued, Current, Available, and Used leaves. This makes the employees clear about the consumed leaves and available leaves.

Enhance your Inventory

This is for sure that you face Inventory related issues: The inventory summary report and the balance sheet don’t match each other. By default, no inactive item will be enlisted in the inventory summary but the inactive items would be enlisted in the final balance sheet. Track down the inventory would be difficult in that case.

The error message can pop up for an inactive entry in the inventory but there is some quantity of it available.

Improvement in Tracking Invoice

This feature has already been in QuickBooks online and is now serving QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Email the invoice and track its status: you can check when your invoice is being viewed and make the follow-up as and when required.
  • Information in Consolidated form of Snapshots: Now, you can easily click on the history for a particular snapshot. No need to visit multiple screens to get the purpose served.

Credit Transfer for Jobs and Customers:

Use this feature and the credit memo will be applied to all the jobs simultaneously. Previously, for every specific job, a credit memo needed to be credited. This feature now saves the previous time.

So many special tools have also been included so that you can easily work on Estimates, Employees, Subs, Change orders, and Estimates. It has various other special features like Job Costing, Work Orders, Change Order Functions, New & Improved E-invoicing, Sales & Purchase columns, Industry Specific Bundles & Reports, etc.

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