QuickBooks Credit Card Reader


In this article you read about “QuickBooks Credit Card Reader” and know QuickBooks POS credit card processing. QuickBooks Point of Sale, developed by Intuit, has eased up the way sales processing and inventory management are completed within a retail business. The software ensures proper tracking and maintenance of stock left with the business and how much needs to be reordered in order to cater to customer demands without leaving much scope for errors. Also, QuickBooks POS has simplified and automated the recording of sales orders and the whole sales process itself. To perform all these functions in a streamlined fashion the software needs certain kind of devices and hardware which are listed below:

  • EMV Ready PIN Pad – The device allows customers to pay for their products with both Pin debit and credit cards.
  • PIN Pad – The device allows customers to pay for their products with both Pin debit and credit cards without the benefit of EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa).
  • Credit Card Reader – This hardware option with QuickBooks POS offers access to processing payments through debit, credit, and gift cards from the system itself.
  • Receipt Printer – Once the sale process is complete, the Receipt Printer imprints the receipt.
  • Bar Code Scanner – Helps to complete the sales process within few clicks and also offers accurate details regarding stock.
  • Cash Drawer – The hardware opens automatically to dispense required change and collect money made by the sale.
  • Pole Display – Showcases the price acquired while the sales process is going on.
  • Tag Printer – Helps to print tags for stock items and labels (bar codes).
  • Wireless Code Scanner – A superior quality of code scanner which is wireless as well as quite light in weight.

QuickBooks POS Credit Card Reader:

QuickBooks POS Credit Card Reader’s USP is that it caters for almost every kind of payment mode, inclusive of mobile mode (NFC) and contactless, providing superior quality of experience for the customers. The device ensures the security of the sales activity, enhanced technologies for communication as well as the installation in the form of plugging and then launching. In comparison to other pin pad devices, this product is quite compact offering incredible services that speed up the process of transactions while according customers with comprehensive solutions to their problems easily. This device is incorporated with the state of the art security measures that allot high security for Debit card payments.

Processing Payments through Debit, Credit, and Gift cards from the PC itself:

  • Ensures timely completion of tasks and also guaranteeing the elimination of requiring terminal in stand-alone mode.
  • It needs a proficient Point of Sale software to work smoothly.
  • Regulatory industry standards set are met without any dip in quality.
  • The device can be powered by USB which gets rid of the need for power supply and point.


The QuickBooks Point of Sale Credit Card Reader offers the following attributes incorporated within the device:

  • Part No. under Manufacturer Category – 431798
  • USB connected device
  • The device caters to both Magstripe and Smart Cards like Debit & Credit Cards.
  • The device is backed by High Tech Telium 2.
  • The keys used for the operation are backlit.
  • The device is 83 mm wide with 168 mm in length and 40 mm in height.
  • It is available at a very reasonable rate.
  • Long term contracts are not available so the user can easily stop using the device at any point they want.

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