Windows Firewall is Blocking QuickBooks

Sometimes, due to unknown reasons, the Windows firewall starts treating network connections related to QuickBooks as a threat, hence blocking it. This can cause various issues. Usually, users cannot access the data present in the company file until the error is resolved.

Steps to Fix Windows Firewall is Blocking QuickBooks

This article details the methods for resolving this error windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks.

How to fix QDSM error?

There are basically 3 different measures you can make use of, in order to fix the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Error. These are.

  • Troubleshooting network problems.
  • Making use of QuickBooks Diagnostic tool.
  • Blocking Windows firewall.

Let’s discuss all of them one by one to see how you can troubleshoot the error.

Network Diagnostic Tool

  • Go to the networks and connections tab. This you can find under Control Panel
  • Open the network diagnostic tool
  • Select Troubleshoot Network Errors
  • If any error is found, take necessary measures to fix the error that was diagnosed by this tool

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

You can also use the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool for troubleshooting network issues with QuickBooks. This tool can be downloaded via Intuit’s website. With this tool, users can also troubleshoot any errors or issues with the company file.

Blocking Windows Firewall

If you still encounter this error then disable Windows Firewall. Sometimes firewall programs identify a seamless network connection as a threat. This leads to errors and issues with QDSM. You can disable the windows firewall, but this would not be a permanent solution.

How to Block Windows Firewall…?

Follow the steps given below to disable the windows firewall:

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Select Windows Firewall.
  • From the left navigation panel, checkmark the tab that says, “Switch windows firewall on/off.
  • Click on Turn off Windows Firewall
  • Click ok.

You should now be able to access QuickBooks and its data without any issues. Firewall issues can be difficult to diagnose and fix. They can cause unexpected errors and can even crash the software.

Change Inbound/Outbound Rules in QuickBooks

Sometimes it is necessary for users to change the Inbound and Outbound rules found in QuickBooks. This can be done by following the steps given below.

  • Go to the Windows Firewall.
  • Choose Advanced Settings from the left navigation panel.
  • Click on the tab “Inbound Rules”.
  • Select New Rule
  • Enter the ports that your version of QuickBooks needs to access
  • Click on next and select Allow the Connection.
  • Save the settings and add a description for them.
  • Repeat the same for outbound rules.

There are many users who have reported that they still encounter this error even after disabling the windows firewall. This happens because of malicious software that blocks the connection of certain software. You need to install security software to counter this malicious software. Malware and viruses are often causing these underlying problems. Thus make use of a reputed antivirus and antimalware software that not only will protect your data but will help you avoid errors. You can even give us a call at our QuickBooks Consultant number for the USA, Canada, and the UK and talk to our Experts now.

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