QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Service Discontinuation – Upgrade It to Latest Edition Now

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Service Discontinuation

Intuit has a simple yet sensible QuickBooks Discontinuation Policy. After 3 years from its release, any version of QuickBooks stops receiving critical security updates and integrating with add-ons such as Payroll and live technical support. The main reason for this is to improve the accounting software further, making it more efficient and feature rich.

Whenever the service for a particular product is discontinued, Intuit sends an email regarding the same to all the customers.

Below, we’re mentioned the products for which the services will be discontinued:

  • QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2018
  • QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2018
  • QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 12.0 Payments Services

When will QuickBooks Desktop 2018 be Discontinued?

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 will be discontinued from May 31, 2021. This discontinuation affects all versions of QuickBooks – Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. This means that users will no longer receive any critical security update provided by Intuit.

What is Discontinued?

Multiple aspects related to the accounting software are affected because of the discontinuation. You can find more details about the same provided below:

Payroll for QuickBooks Desktop

Whether you’re subscribed to assisted payroll or basic, standard or enhanced payroll, the service will stop working with QuickBooks 2018 after May 31, 2021. Therefore, the desktop software won’t enable users to automatically calculate payroll and file taxes. Further, you won’t be able to download tax forms directly into the software.

However, there are many other payroll features that users rely on. Many of these features will stop working. Users won’t be able to use the Workers’ Comp payment service, which is used for sending premium payments, and QuickBooks Workforce, which enables you to view the paychecks, w-2 forms, and personal info of your workers.

Live Technical Support

Live technical support will no longer be available from inside the software. This can mean significantly longer wait times when you encounter a problem. Live technical support includes support for:

  • Installation
  • Update and Upgrade
  • Product Defects
  • Error Messages

Many users purchase an active subscription for support like Active QuickBooks Care Protection Plan. Here how you’ll be impacted due to QuickBooks 2018 discontinuation on the basis of renewal of your support plan:

  • Monthly Renewal: Your renewal will be cancelled after May 31, 2021. You’ll receive support till the end of the last subscription period.
  • 90-day Renewal: Your renewal will be cancelled after May 31, 2021. You’ll receive support till the end of the last subscription period.
  • Annual Renewal: Your renewal will be cancelled after May 31, 2021. You’ll receive support till the end of the last subscription period.

Online Banking Services

QuickBooks has inbuilt features that can help you in managing your credit cards and bank accounts. Many features related to online banking services will be stopped after discontinuation. Here are a few of the services which will be impacted:

  • Credit Card Payment Processing: You won’t be able to process transactions through checks or credit cards. QuickBooks will throw an error stating that the service is no longer available. However, users will also receive the steps through which they can process the transaction from outside QuickBooks.
  • Setting up Recurring Payments: Although the recurring transaction will continue until you delete them, you won’t be able to download these transactions into QuickBooks. However, you can still download the recurring transactions from MerchantCenter.intuit.com.
  • eInvoice: You won’t be able to process emails which contain an active payment link through QuickBooks 2018 after May 31, 2021. To use this feature, you’ll have to upgrade your software.
  • Reconciliation: After the discontinuation goes into effect, you won’t be able to download check and credit card info into QuickBooks.

Online Backup Service

Do you rely on the online backup service provided by Intuit? Well, you’ll have to look for an alternative as this feature will no longer be available after discontinuation goes into effect. If you don’t wish to upgrade, then we recommend that you set up automatic backup in QuickBooks and save the backup files to an external server.

Integration with other addons

Several other add-ons provided by Intuit will stop working with QuickBooks 2018. Some of these add-ons have been mentioned below:

  • TSheets
  • Accountant Copy Transfer Service
  • Contributed Reports
  • Online Banking
  • Multi-currency/Exchange Rate

In case you need to rely on any of the aforementioned services, we recommend that you upgrade your software. Otherwise, you can continue using QuickBooks 2018.

Upgrade Process – QuickBooks 2018 to QuickBooks 2021

You have the option to upgrade any of the editions released after the 2018 one. However, we recommend that you upgrade to QuickBooks 2021, which has a lot of new accounting and productivity features and offers 3 years of continued service and support from Intuit.

Here are some of the best new features available in QuickBooks 2021:

  • Receipt Management
  • Improved Bank Feeds
  • Automated Statements
  • Customized Payment Receipts
  • Customer Groups
  • Customized Payment Receipts

To upgrade QuickBooks 2018, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Click on the Help menu.
  2. Select Upgrade QuickBooks.
  3. Select the Version to which you want to upgrade the software.
  4. Click on Upgrade Now.
  5. Wait for the files to download. Click on Install Now.
  6. Once the program is installed, launch the new version of QuickBooks.

Time taken for the upgrade process will depend on your internet connection and the size of the upgrade files. However, on average it takes less than an hour for the whole process to complete.

Note: Create a backup of the company file before importing it into the new version of QuickBooks. Once you import the company file, it is automatically upgraded and won’t work with the 2018 edition of the software.

To know more, Get in touch with our QuickBooks ProAdvisor experts at +1-800-865-4183.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will happen to my company file data after I upgrade QuickBooks 2018?

Your company file data remains intact. When you open it with the new version of QuickBooks, the company file will be upgraded, but data inside the file will not be changed in any manner whatsoever.

Q. What should I do if I have a QuickBooks Desktop Subscription?

Users who have a subscription of QuickBooks desktop can upgrade the software for free. However, users who purchased a onetime license will need to purchase another one for QuickBooks 2021.

Q. I have subscribed to Online backup but I don’t want to upgrade my software. What should I do?

A good alternative is to simply set up automatic backup in QuickBooks. Then, you can select an external server where the backup files are saved.