QuickBooks Enter Expenses Already Paid

Intuit “QuickBooks Enter expenses already paid” figuring out ways how to enter bills within QuickBooks can sometimes be tricky.

Though it is said that the program itself is a bit easy to use but from our experience and from what we get to hear from our customers, the software is useful but is tricky for sure. Here is what we mean…

QuickBooks provides a very sleek way of entering, handling, and managing bills. A bill is a financial document that signifies a particular transaction. An invoice is an instance of a bill. Still, in QuickBooks, you need to handle invoices and other bills separately. For invoices, you have a separate invoice section that will store all the invoices entered by the users.

In many cases, the users have to enter the bill into QuickBooks after paying it. In many cases, we need to enter such bills and there is no direct method in QuickBooks of doing so. To handle such cases, we must follow the steps provided below:

Steps on How to do QuickBooks Enter Expenses Already Paid

  • Go to the creative menu and select Bill under the Suppliers section.
  • Select the supplier or click on Add New.
  • If you clicked Add New, then you’ll have to provide all relevant details for the supplied and then select the supplier
  • Select the terms that apply to the bill
  • Mark the category that the bill falls under
  • Enter the amount and sales tax for the bill
  • Select Save and Close.

Here, you have successfully created a new bill. Once this is done, you should issue a check against the bill. By doing so, you’ll successfully mark the transaction as completed by providing the payment details. If the payment was made through any other means, then mention it in the description for the payment. Once done, you then have sorted your problem QuickBooks Enter Bills Already Paid.

Issues, you may face

If while creating the bill, your system or QuickBooks crashes unexpectedly, then you should go to the bill and mark a check against it. This will complete the payment and the bill will be marked as paid. Also, check the box against the ‘to be printed’ option.

There are multiple other options available for bills. QuickBooks provides comprehensive options so that you have granular control over each financial document that you want to store in it. You can enter the mailing address of the vendor. Through this mailing address, you can easily send the bill directly to the vendor.

Instead of comprehensively defining terms and wasting time, you can use the predefined terms available in QB. These terms will be adhered to by both the vendor and you for this bill. A description is quite useful for any bill. Through description, you can comprehensively define the intent of the bill.

Still, all our team members are trained QuickBooks experts and can help you through any functionality of the software like the one’s “QuickBooks enter expenses already paid” and tips to record expenses in QuickBooks.


  • What to do if I have already entered the bill but my computer crashed before the check was attached?

    ● You can simply go back to the bill and attach the check to the bill. Also, do not forget to mark the bill as paid.

  • I cannot figure out how to get this done. What should I do?

    ● You can reach out to us. Our QuickBooks experts are available round the clock to address such issues for all QB users.

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